Volunteers Needed for New Funeral Ministry

Each year, the parish celebrates about forty funerals. Many families come to Holy Trinity seeking prayer, support, and a welcoming community in the process of giving a loved one back to God. It has become clear that to enhance the parish’s outreach and pastoral care, more help is needed at the time of funerals.

Volunteers are needed to help during these moments in various ways. Adult Acolytes (servers) are needed to assist the presiding priest during the liturgy. Ministers of Hospitality welcome family members and friends at the doors of our church, greet them, orient them to the parish campus, and help answer any questions they might have. Sometimes, families will have receptions in McKenna Hall following the liturgy. Reception Volunteers are needed to work with caterers and family members on the day of the funeral to ensure that the reception site is ready, to acquaint them with parish facilities, and help usher people to the reception site from the church or chapel.

Participation in this ministry would be on a volunteer (not scheduled) basis, probably last for one or two hours during the normal workday, and be limited to once or twice monthly. Thorough training and on-going support for all Funeral Ministries would be provided.

If you are willing to help in this ministry, please email David Pennington at [email protected].