A Lenten Retreat

picture1An individually directed retreat, made at home, for individuals who want to engage in a practice of daily prayer during Lent. The retreat is appropriate for those who have made the full Spiritual Exercises or another Ignatian retreat.

Do you want to engage in a Lenten practice of prayer each day?

The retreat will be crafted for where you are on your journey with and to God.

 Are you thinking about making the Spiritual Exercises?

The retreat could give you a ‘taste’ of what is involved in making the long retreat.

What do you need to do?

As you ponder whether to make the retreat, we encourage you to look at your calendar and consider where you will carve out 1 hour a day to pray and 1 hour a week to meet with a spiritual director.

We also want to accept our reality of living and working in the Washington metro area. Please factor in time to travel, to find a parking space, and to walk to where you will meet your spiritual guide.

All our spiritual directors are volunteers and will reserve this six weeks of retreat for you. We ask you to be faithful to your time commitment of praying daily and meeting with your spiritual director once a week.

As part of this retreat, you are also asked to attend the opening and closing sessions at Holy Trinity Church. The opening session is on Sunday, February 26th from 3:00 - 5:00 PM  and the closing session is on Saturday, April 8th from 8:30 - 10:30 AM.


Registration for the 2017 Lenten Retreat is now closed.


What retreatants have found helpful about the retreat:

“Much more profound than I’d appreciated it could be. I’d always thought a “retreat retreat” meant going away in silence. But an unexpected richness was the reality of having prayer and my daily life together in a conscious way."

“Challenging and life giving. I am grateful for the opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation for Jesus as both divine and human, and for the way in which he held, and challenged me to hold seeming opposites in his person (strong and gentle, assertive and kind).”


“All the world is charged with the grandeur of God.”   - General Manley Hopkins, SJ