#1 Parent and Sponsor Meeting

Confirmation Parent/Sponsor Meeting

  • Fr. Kevin Gillespie spoke on the meaning of Confirmation, what is the Holy Spirit?, and the heroic/saints.
    • He showed this great video
      • This will be shown to the candidates at a later Confirmation session
      • Confirmation is a start line, not a finish line. Right now we’re training for the race that is our life in the Church.
      • Our Confirmation program is not class based. We are community based. Each candidate is in a small faith sharing community in order to learn about and engage in our larger church community.
  • Goals of the program:
    • Candidates choose to be full participants in the Body of Christ and get Confirmed
    • Candidates build community with their small group and feel a belonging in the larger Church community
  • Schedule from now to June
  • Role of Parent and Sponsor (Sponsor packet with helpful hints)
    • Parents show support for the program and encourage an open mind and full engagement
    • Sponsors share their faith, show interest in the candidate’s everyday and spiritual life, pray with and for the candidate, debrief with the candidate after the retreats and sessions
  • Ignatian Spirituality
    • Ignatian Spirituality is woven throughout the Confirmation program starting with the lens in which we help the candidates envision Confirmation.
    • We explain aspects of our Christian faith with language and understanding from our Ignatian charism.
      • For example we encourage the candidates to find God in all the aspects of their life and that sharing about themselves and their everyday life is part of faith sharing because God is there with them through it all.
      • During each retreat and session we do an Examen, at minimum. We also do a few Ignatian Contemplations throughout the program.
      • We have designed the Examens and Contemplations to be appropriate for their developmental level.
        • We also give them a simplified pocket Examen to take home with them.
      • Service—In our sessions/retreats and by having service as a part of the program, we encourage the candidates to be Contemplatives in Action, that is to serve others and reflect upon it along the way, to find God in the most vulnerable that they encounter.  The final goal being that they find in serving others they are quite literally serving God.
    • Our overall theme/motto of our program is “Go out and set the world on fire” which is a famous quote that st. Ignatius said to St. Francis Xavier, and other early Jesuits as they went out into the world to find God in all things and serve others.
    • We understand that each candidate will not get all of this out of the program. Some will come close others will only have a few seeds planted that they may come to nurture and understand after Confirmation. Both scenarios are perfectly fine. Each candidate is in a different place and has had different experiences. We honor that and just hope to move them (wherever they’re at) into deeper communion with God and the people of God. We use Ignatian Spirituality as one of our main tools because it’s the charism of this parish and what many of us have found helpful for ourselves in our journey.
      • The Peer Ministers (high schoolers that help lead the program) are a huge asset in this endeavor because they have been an 8th grade Confirmation candidate at HT and know what they found meaningful and how to communicate in a way that the 8th graders respond to.
  • Themes for the retreats and sessions
    • Mini-retreat  — “You are Mine”
    • Session 1: “We are One Body” – with this we are focusing on the community—the Church, and the Eucharist.
    • Session 2: “We Belong to the Church”
    • Session 3: Discipleship”
      • 2nd and last parent/sponsor meeting is during session 3A
    • Session 4: “The Importance of Community”
    • Final Retreat: “Go forth and set the world on fire”
  • Other aspects of the program
    • Saint Reflection – due next session (less than a page, not an essay, just a reflection.)
      • Get them thinking of the heroic and a person to learn from that came before them.
      • This is also a way for them to start thinking about what they want their confirmation name to be.
        • They can affirm their baptismal name or choose a saint’s name.
        • The saint they reflect on does not need to be the Confirmation name they choose. They do not need to finalize their Confirmation name until their Confirmation Conversation in May.
    • 20 service hours
      • 15-20 hours service to the poor and vulnerable
      • 5 hours can be service to church or community
      • Service log and  reflection
      • Due in May at 1:1 Confirmation Conversation
    • 1:1 Confirmation Conversation/Reflection
      • Candidate will have a 15-20 minute reflective conversation on their preparation for Confirmation, their hopes for the future, and what they think Confirmation will mean for them.
        • They will also state whether or not they desire to be confirmed.
      • Will be with an Adult Volunteer on the Confirmation team, a parish staff member, or myself.
    • Rehearsal & Ceremony
      • Group 1:
        • Rehearsal: May 31 7:00-8:30 pm
        • Confirmation: June 3 5:30 pm
      • Group 2:
        • Rehearsal: June 7 7:00-8:30pm
        • Confirmation: June 10 5:30 pm
      • Candidate and Sponsor (or stand-ins) need to be present at the rehearsal, these rehearsals are to both help candidates and sponsors know what to do, but also rehearse the entire group logistics and work out any kinks.
    • Optional supplement and bridge to high school Youth Ministry: Koinonia—have to register by Feb 21.
  • At our next Parent and Sponsor meeting we will cover important details leading up to the April retreat and Confirmation.
  • Please ONLY email Sara at confirmation@trinity.org about anything concerning the Confirmation program.  Thank you.
  • Please know that all this information is on the Confirmation webpage  in some form
    • https://trinity.org/confirmation/youth-confirmation/

Prayer for Candidates:

Loving God, You are the giver of all we possess,

the source of all of our blessings.

We thank and praise you. Thank you for the gift of our children. Help us to set boundaries for them,

and yet encourage them to explore.

Give us the strength and courage to treat

each day as a fresh start. May our children come to know you, the one true God,

and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. May your Holy Spirit help them to grow

in faith, hope, and love,

so they may know peace, truth, and goodness. May their ears hear your voice.

May their eyes see your presence in all things.

May their lips proclaim your word.

May their hearts be your dwelling place.

May their hands do works of charity.

May their feet walk in the way of Jesus Christ,

your Son and our Lord.