2019 Parish Pledge

During this year, in which we celebrate the 200th Anniversary of our school, and anticipate the 225th Anniversary of our parish, we are reminded that we stand upon the path of our Jesuit ancestors and faithful departed. We are continuing their mission to live for others – to so embody the love of Jesus that the world around us is filled with the abundant life promised by Christ. This heritage is a great gift and an awesome responsibility. Holy Trinity is widely known as a place of intellectual rigor and spiritual depth, as a community that welcomes everyone and seeks to lift up those who feel least among us, as a family that deeply cares for its own even as it courageously reaches beyond itself to advocate for and help our fellow human beings, whether near or far.

Like those who went before us, you – today – play a key role in helping Holy Trinity live up to its potential. You do this by joining your sisters and brothers in worship and prayer, by devoting your talents to our common work, and by giving generously of the money gifted to you by God.

Learn more about the 2019 Parish Pledge or give online today.