Parish Pastoral Council Elections

In the 2019 election cycle, the Parish Pastoral Council received four self-nominations for four open seats. In the absence of a competitive field of candidates, the PPC Elections Committee, in consultation with the pastor, will forgo balloting and name these parishioners to the Council by acclamation. Over a three-year term, these four candidates will work with other PPC members and the pastor in discerning, articulating, and communicating to other parishioners the identity and mission of our parish.

We asked candidates to respond to three questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a part of the PPC at Holy Trinity? What gifts, visions, and talents would you bring that would contribute to the work of the parish?
  2. Which activities, such as social justice service, parish-sponsored prayer opportunities, or other ministries that you have been a part of at Holy Trinity have been the most meaningful to you? Why?
  3. Based on your involvement at Holy Trinity, what are some high-priority issues that might need to be addressed in a long-term plan for the parish?

Read more about their contributions to Holy Trinity and ideas for the future of our parish in their candidate statements on the PPC page.