Why I Pledge — J.P. Giacomini

Our family has been with Holy Trinity for more than 35 years. It all began with satisfaction with the Sunday morning programs, a satisfaction that grew and deepened because of easy access to the leadership, timely homilies, being allowed to express oneself, and an ability to partake of a variety of top quality programs. Service on the Parish Council and various committees were (for the most part) positive experiences. There were disappointments along the way, but overall the general tenor of Holy Trinity was upbeat, and it has been fairly easy to find needed advice, and also parishioners with similar interests.

The mission has always been a solid one and inspirational, undergirded by impressive ceremonies, and the commitment to good works for the community continues to be commendable. These are a few of the reasons why Holy Trinity, overall—while not perfect—is a treasure and certainly merits our spiritual and financial support.”

—J.P. Giacomini