Health and Safety Fund

As we consider the reopening of our church building, the health and safety of our parishioners are uppermost. We are blessed to have our own multidisciplinary task force of healthcare and other specialists to plan and oversee a safe reopening. During this process, we are undertaking proactive measures to help ensure everyone’s well-being. Costs associated with these measures are expected to be between $140,000 and $150,000, and include everything from additional cleaning supplies, to disinfecting equipment, to HVAC improvements and added janitorial staff time.

We are asking for a special, one-time donation to our COVID-19 Health & Safety Fund. Please consider offering one or more of the following gifts. You may also mail a check to Holy Trinity Church, Health & Safety Fund, c/o Development, 3513 N Street, NW, Washington DC 20007.

  • $20 buys one refill bottle of hand sanitizer (or other basic disinfecting supplies likes masks, gloves and wipes)
  • $25 pays for one hour of labor expenses for custodial or maintenance staff
  • $150 pays for a box of virus capturing air filters
  • $300 buys a spray disinfector
  • $1,000 contributes toward the $50,000 needed for HVAC upgrades

Our ability to successfully reopen our buildings, and experience once again the full vitality, depth of spirituality, and mutual empowerment for ministry that are hallmarks of our parish, depends on us all. We are hopeful that every parish household will be able to give to our COVID-19 Health and Safety Fund. We are truly in this together—thank you.