Where Will You Be in 2043?

Where will you be in 2043?
Want to look back and see
what life was like at Holy Trinity-
-in the time of COVID-19?
Take a trip with us
back to the future-
or is it the present?
For opening in 2043
It’s the Time Capsule
of Holy Trinity!

You are invited to assist the Holy Trinity Time Capsule Committee, established by our pastor, Fr. Kevin
Gillespie, to create time capsules for the parish and the school. With the pandemic, social justice, and
other events in mind – we look ahead to the years 2043 and 2044 when we celebrate the school’s
225th  and parish’s 250th anniversaries.  Fr. Gillespie encourages us to document our current situation for
generations to come.

We will document items in both physical and digital forms.  There is so much to consider about how we
document these unique times: the online church services and homilies, our families working and
schooling from home, the empty streets – both void of cars and people, our heroic frontline healthcare
workers, online religious education classes, social distancing, facemasks, protests, and so much

We invite you to email us at:  TimeCapsule@trinity.org  with ideas or 2-3 of your most
memorable photos, articles, or videos.  If you have a physical item you would like to donate, such as a
mask or sign, etc. please take a picture and email it to us at TimeCapsule@trinity.org and the committee
will let you know if your object will be included in the time capsule. Thank you for your participation
and let us pray for health and peace and understanding during these historical times.