Washington Post Feature: In Glover Park, an Old Catholic Cemetery Gets New Life

Columnist John Kelly writes about the joint Holy Trinity/Georgetown University restoration project at Holy Rood:

“I was never particularly interested in cemeteries,” Grace Bateman said as we stood amid the gravestones of Holy Rood, a burial ground that sits on the cusp of Georgetown and Glover Park.

I, on the other hand, have always been particularly interested in cemeteries, but this was one I’d never visited before. Frankly it never looked that inviting. For years I’d driven this stretch of Northwest Washington and seen a twisted chain-link gate and what looked like the ground tumbling onto Wisconsin Avenue.

“A lot of the tombstones were toppled and broken,” said Grace, describing the former state of the cemetery. The landscaping was once patchy, bare in some places, overgrown in others.

Not anymore. Holy Rood Cemetery — the final resting place for 7,000 people — has been reborn.

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