Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

Learn More About the Indigenous People of DC and Beyond

  • Attend the Washington Home Inclusive Monthly Mass (WHIMM) this Sunday, October 10 at 4:00pm at the triangle at 35th and Fulton Streets NW along Massachusetts Ave. (one mile from Woodley Park Metro on the Red Line; plenty of free parking available). Pandemic safety protocols will be maintained. The WHIMM leadership team is planning a beautiful liturgy based on a blending of Native American spirituality and the Prayer of Thanksgiving. They will acknowledge and honor the ancestral caretakers of the land, the Nacotchtank.
  • Once As It Was: An Interactive Map of Major Historical Sites of the Anacostan Indians by the DC Native History Project: onceasitwasdc.org
  • The app Guide to Indigenous DC provides a walking tour featuring sites of importance to the Native peoples across the Nation’s Capital. (Download via App Store)
  • The app Native Land shows the indigenous territories and languages in your location, or you can explore the map to learn about different locations. (Download via App Store/Google Play)
  • Visit trinity.org/books for a list of recommended books for Indigenous Peoples’ Day by the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition
  • Watch the Women Who Stay: Women Who Weave in the Spirit presentations which featured the voices of Native American women at trinity.org/women-who-stay
  • Attend the in-person American Indian Festival in Prince George’s County on October 16 to discover the rich and diverse culture and heritage education from the Native perspective: mncppc.org/709/American-Indian-Festival-Performances-On
  • Watch online the Native Cinema Showcase hosted by Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian from November 12-18: nmai.brand.live/c/native-cinema-showcase