Spiritual Exercises Information Sessions

March 19, May 21, 11am, Zoom.
“Discernment is not only necessary when serious problems have to be solved, it is an instrument of struggle to follow the Lord better day by day and hour by hour.” – jesuits.org
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola are one way in our Catholic tradition to come to love as God loves. Throughout the 8-9 month retreat, made in daily life, the retreatant can grow in self-knowledge, deepen their intimacy with Jesus, and grow in their practice of discernment of spirits. Through this potentially life-changing journey, the individual becomes spiritually freer to respond generously and wholeheartedly to God’s invitations to love. Join us for an hour conversation about this gift that God gave the church through St. Ignatius. Contact Martina O’Shea moshea@trinity.org for the link to the online session.