Adult Faith Formation

Our commitment to lifelong learning is part of our Catholic identity as we seek to live our faith fully and actively. For adults, ongoing faith formation allows us to renew and deepen our understanding of our faith. Holy Trinity understands that each of us may experience this faith formation through different ways, and so we offer a variety of enrichment opportunities.

Please join us for a series of timely and thought-provoking lectures. All are invited to attend these lectures (guests are welcome); registration is not required and there is no cost to attend.


February 11, 2018 — Finding Our Roots
Linda Arnold
10:10 a.m. Chapel
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Join us for a look back in time to discover the roots of Lent and of our who we are as a praying community.


Women in the Diaconate (video discussion)

Women Deacons — a conversation with Phyllis Nagano [click to watch]
Pope Francis’ commission to study women deacons in the Catholic Church is quietly conducting their work. In this rare interview, commissioner and leading expert on the topic Phyllis Zagano discusses three of her books that build the case for admitting women to the diaconate today.


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Reformation Sunday or Common Commemoration:
Moving Beyond the Fifth Centenary of Luther’s Reformation

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