Large Grant Focus: Violence Prevention in Youth

2023-24 marks the 40th year that Holy Trinity Catholic Church has set aside a percentage of its income to address social justice concerns within the Archdiocese of the District of Columbia and beyond. The Tithe Program seeks to address root causes of social justice issues across the DMV.

In 2014, Holy Trinity Catholic Church began allocating a tithe portion to larger social justice grants (>$20,000) focusing on a priority theme identified each year. These grants have supported social justice work by addressing issues systemically or by making investments to help sustain service and advocacy-oriented work.

The 2024 RFP focuses on the following priority theme: violence prevention in youth. We also evaluage small grant requests that address food insecurity, migration/refugees, the environment, homelessness, returning citizens, advocacy and youth. In 2024, we are also interested in projects that address mental health in teens and environmental advocacy. For details on eligibility and the application schedule, please visit