New Confirmation Service Program


Current service component of the Confirmation program (this is what current 8th graders are doing):

  • 20 service hours the year of Confirmation (8th grade)
  • Can start in June and they’re due in May
  •  Service reflection due in May

New service component of the Confirmation program:
• Starts in 7th grade (or the year before registering for the Confirmation program) and has a different 8th grade component

In 7th Grade:
 Students need to serve 4 times at a parish service opportunity.

  • Parish wide opportunities:
    Nov. 24: Thanksgiving Meal Service at either Fr. McKenna Center or So Others Might Eat (SOME)
    Nov. 25: Serving at Fr. McKenna Center
    Dec. 18: Giving Tree
    Jan. 16: Serving at Fr. McKenna Center & Meal preparation for Georgetown Ministry Center at Holy Trinity
    Feb. 4: A Wider Circle
    Mar. 18: Helping Hands meal packing for Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
    at Holy Trinity
    Apr. 8: DC Diaper Bank
    May 13: Power of One
  • Sign up
  • 7th grade service day at a Wider Circle
    • Saturday, November 26th
    • from 10:00 am-noon
    • This date is only open to 7th grade families
    • Sign up
  • Saturday and Sunday Meals for the Homeless
    • Holy Trinity coordinates weekly sit-down meals for the homeless in Georgetown. In addition to preparing and serving food, there are some light set-up and clean-up duties. For more information, contact Mike Conway,
  • Please note:
    • Students should never be dropped off without adult supervision at a service opportunity.
  • There must be 1 adult to every 4 minors.
  • This is to be arranged by the parents.
  • Family service is highly encouraged!
  • Participants must be 13 to serve at the McKenna Center
  • Parent Collaboration:
    • If you’d like to be on and receive a list of parent’s contact information please fill out this google form with your contact information.  Please fill this out by November 2nd. Then I will send out the compiled list to all those that filled it out.


  • Peace Club (Little Friends for Peace) -
    • This is a day to learn about peace and others' lives and serve our wider community. 7th through 12th graders are invited to this morning of service at the Little Friends for Peace. On scheduled Saturdays we leave from Holy Trinity at 9:00 am and return by 12:30 pm.
      • Parent drivers and chaperones are always needed.



Service during the Confirmation preparation program (8th grade):

  • The students will focus their service on something that they’ve found meaningful during the previous year and come up with a plan of what they will do.
  • In May they will write a reflection on what they spent their year doing and how serving others is a part of being a member of the Body of Christ.



  •  Focus on quality over quantity
  • Take some stress out of 8th grade year.
  •  Focus in the 8th grade year of taking their own initiative.
  • 7th grade year is intended to help them sample the service that our parish community does together.