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Bishops' Statement on Ending DACA

The President and Vice President along with Chairmen of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) have issued a statement denouncing the Administration's termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program after six months.

The following statement from USCCB President Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, along with USCCB Vice President, Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of Austin, chairman, Committee on Migration, and Bishop Joseph J. Tyson of Yakima, chairman of the Subcommittee on Pastoral Care of Migrants, Refugees, and Travelers says the "cancellation of the DACA program is reprehensible."

Over 780,000 youth received protection from the DACA program since its inception by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2012. DACA provided no legal status or government benefits but did provide recipients with temporary employment authorization to work in the United States and reprieve from deportation. Read the full statement. 

Our Family Has Arrived!!

On February 16th the Cheikho family arrived at Dulles airport. They have settled into their new home, the children are getting registered for school, mom and dad are enrolled in English as a Second Language class, and everyone is learning to navigate their new community. The family is experiencing a lot of changes and learning to live in their new country. Holy Trinity parishioners are getting acquainted with the family and learning quite a lot about government services and systems as well. All is going well, however, prayers for the family's transition and continued good health would be appreciated. 

We also still need some funds to cover expenses during the family's first year in the U.S. You may donate to cover rent and necessities at the button above. If you have any questions, please contact Kate Tromble at

Statements from Catholic Organizations on Executive Order

Actions You Can Take

Pray & Act

  1. Pray for our family at a vigil on Monday Februay 6 at 7:00 pm in Holy Trinity's St.Ignatius Chapel.
  2. Visit congressional offices to describe your experience with trying to welcome a refugee family and express your concern about the executive order. Tuesday February 7, meet at 8:00 am at Holy Trinity (McKenna Hall).

Raise Your Voice

  1. Join the Jesuit Conference by signing this petition opposing the executive order.
  2. You can also sign this petition on MoveOn or this one by Oxfam USA stating opposition to any plans to stop refugee resettlement. Remember to confirm your sign-on via your email, otherwise it won’t be counted.
  3. Tweet @realDonaldTrump & @POTUS:
    .@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Don't stop welcoming refugees. Resettlement demonstrates the best of our values #RefugeesWelcome 
    .@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS People of faith OPPOSE a religious litmus test for refugees #RefugeesWelcome
  4. Send the White House a Facebook message at AND submit an electronic message at
    President Trump, as a Catholic I am STRONGLY opposed to your executive order which denies access to refugees based on their religion or their nationality. Please reject such ideas, as a religious litmus test for safety is an affront to religious liberty. 

    As a Catholic, I urge you to allow the U.S. refugee program to continue to resettle refugees that need our protection regardless of where they come from or how they pray.  Thank you for your leadership in ensuring the U.S. remains a beacon of hope for all those who are persecuted that seek peace, safety and freedom.

Interested in helping out?

If you wish to become involved with our efforts to support a refugee family (we are confident we will eventually accompany one or more families), please contact us at

If you are already part of the refugee effort and need information on your specific team, you may contact the team leads below.

Employment Team

Ursela Groat (
Carlos Ojeda (

Clothing Team

Beth Johnson (
Amy Garcia (

ESL/Education Team

Michelle Steinberg (
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Finance Team

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Food Team

Fish Brown (
Tina Namian (

Housing & Furnishing Team

Michelle Krocker (
Radha Iyengar (

Medical/Legal Team

Chris Crawford (

Transportation Team

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Alicia Ritchie (

Welcome Team

Diane Kelly (
Aurora Santiago (
Carolyn Van Brocklin (

Background on Holy Trinity's Involvement with the Good Neighbor Program

We have all seen and heard the tragedies striking families around the world, especially families in Syria and the surrounding areas of the Middle East. These families through no fault of their own have become refugees – their homes have been destroyed, families torn apart, and lives unimaginably changed without a clear path for the future. Holy Trinity is partnering with Lutheran Social Services (LSS) – one of the nine voluntary resettlement agencies operating in the U.S. – to co-sponsor a refugee family arriving from the Middle East. 

Holy Trinity also is committed to welcoming those migrants who arrive in the U.S. in other ways.  As Pope Francis tells us:

On this continent … thousands of persons are led to travel north in search of a better life for themselves and for their loved ones, in search of greater opportunities. Is this not what we want for our own children? We must not be taken aback by their numbers, but rather view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation. To respond in a way which is always humane, just and fraternal.

Our hearts must remain open to those who come seeking a better life. Holy Trinity offers a place of welcome and respite to all people seeking God's love. We also offer the practical resources below that can help a newly arrived individual or family to Washington, DC.

Immigration Resources

Good Neighbor Program Commitment

As co-sponsors, Holy Trinity parishioners will work closely together to help a newly-arrived refugee family rebuild their lives in America. Parishioners will serve as personal guides through a culture and community that is new and often strange to our refugee neighbors.  We will help them reestablish their lives financially, but will also accompany them through this incredibly uncertain and scary time. We hope to become friends and to welcome this new family into our community, our lives, and our hearts. Our commitment to the Good Neighbor program is for one year, during which we will provide the following broad areas of assistance:

  • Assist in finding housing that meets refugee family needs prior to arrival;
  • Collect and provide all furnishings and household supplies required for resettlement;
  • Furnish and set up apartment home prior to family’s arrival;
  • Provide rental assistance for up to one year;
  • Ensure the family’s pantry is stocked with culturally-appropriate groceries upon their arrival and for at least one month thereafter;
  • Pick up the family from the airport and welcome them to the community, including preparing a welcoming meal;
  • Ensure the family has culturally-appropriate clothing;
  • Accompany family members to medical appointments and assist as an advocate for the family’s healthcare access;
  • Assist the family in developing English skills;
  • Facilitate financial education for the family;
  • Help the adult family members find employment and work toward self-sufficiency;
  • Provide transportation as needed; and
  • Act as guides to the family’s new community

Interested in helping out?

You can donate funding to cover rent and necessities at the button above. If you’d like details about what else you can do to help, contact Chris Crawford at or Kate Tromble at or (202) 903-2809