Online RE Classes — Frequently Asked Questions

Will RE classes be offered online or in person? Is a hybrid model possible?
For the fall 2020 semester, all classes will be taught virtually. Holy Trinity School is not available to us, and the restrictions on using a few classrooms in Georgetown University’s Walsh Building make it difficult for both catechists and students. We will make a determination about the 2021 classes later this year.

When will online classes begin?
RE begins September 27. This is a week later than what we originally planned in order for us to prepare materials and train catechists.

What time will classes meet?
Catechists will set the time for their classes on Sunday mornings between 10-11:30am. K-6 will have 30-minute classes. Children in grades 7 and 8 will meet for 45 minutes.

What platform will the students use?
Catechists have a choice of platforms: Zoom, Google Meet and/or Google Classroom. Your child’s catechist will let you know what platform he/she will be using and how to access it.

What materials will the students use?
Every child will have a hard copy text of Finding God from Loyola Press as well as a digital version. Each child will have a unique access code for their text. All children will receive an age-appropriate Bible to use at home and to keep.

How do I get my child’s materials?
Unfortunately, the budget does not allow for us to be able to mail materials to families. You must come to Holy Trinity to pick up your child’s materials on September 19 or 20 between the hours of 10am and 2pm only. Masks and social distancing will be enforced.

Can someone else pick up my child’s materials?
Yes, neighbors who want to arrange a group pick-up should just let us know in advance which families they are picking up.