General Parish Pledge 2022 Toogle

To Make a Holiday (Christmas/Easter) Pledge or a designated program pledge, please click here.

Our Parish Pledge program is by far the most important means of financial support for the mission of Jesus Christ as lived out through our ministries. Holy Trinity, which has no endowment or significant investment income, relies on parishioner donations to fund its operations and work, with most parishioner giving occurring through the pledge system.

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The Parish Pledge supports not only our own parishioners, but also our DC community and beyond through our Social Justice tithe. Ten percent of all general operations revenue is dedicated to our Social Justice tithe fund. That's $1 of every $10 of your pledge! Since 2006 the tithe has contributed more than $4 million to over 70 agencies that serve individuals, households and communities subject to historic disparities through various social service, advocacy, educational, and Jesuit-related organizations that serve people who are poor, marginalized or vulnerable.

By making an annual Parish Pledge to Holy Trinity, you also support the sacraments, worship services, ministries, and educational programs that our parish provides. Programs like Shepherd's Flock (a pioneering Christian formation ministry for students with physical or learning challenges), Ignatian Spirituality retreats, adult faith formation and Religious Education (RE) are all made possible through contributions to the Parish Pledge. Submitting a Parish Pledge also makes it possible for Holy Trinity to plan financially and be a better steward of your gift. All pledges are non-binding while enabling parishioners and friends to prayerfully budget their yearly contribution. Our pledge requests begin in November and run through January; however, donations made to satisfy a pledge can work on any schedule and begin at any time.

We encourage parishioners to pay their pledges by setting up an automated, monthly payment through a checking account or via a credit card.  Doing so helps ensure our regular cash flow. Yet many other payment methods are accepted, including through Donor Advised Funds, Stocks, cryptocurrency, and Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs. You may also request Offering Envelopes for use in Mass, which we distribute.