Marriage is a Sacrament of the Church, that is, a place in which you can encounter the person of Jesus alive and active within your relationship. As such, we hope that you recognize your wedding as a profoundly spiritual experience for you and for the rest of the Church who will see in your love for each other a reflection of the immeasurable love that Jesus Christ has for all the Church.

Planning a Wedding at Holy Trinity

Who may marry at Holy Trinity?

  • Active Parishioners – One or both parties of a wedding couple must have been an active, contributing member of the parish for at least one year before the requested wedding date. Children of active parishioners are also eligible to celebrate their marriage at Holy Trinity. Parishioners are considered active when they have formally registered and parish records show a history of contribution and/or ministry involvement.
  • Roman Catholics who live within the parish boundary – Roman Catholics who live within the parish boundary, but who have no formal relationship with the parish are welcome to speak to parish staff about establishing a relationship with the parish before setting a date for their wedding. The parish boundary runs West of 31st Street, NW, East of 44th Street, NW and South of Calvert Street, NW to the Potomac River.
  • Non-Parishioners – Couples who are not parishioners are welcome to celebrate their weddings at Holy Trinity provided that one party is a practicing Roman Catholic. A non-registered parishioner must provide their own priest or deacon to preside at the wedding and prepare the couple for marriage, including the preparation of a wedding file. Generally, non-parishioners may celebrate their marriages at Noon.

How do I schedule a wedding?

Couples wishing to be married at Holy Trinity should contact the parish at least a year in advance of the requested date. Weddings are scheduled on Saturdays only at 12:00Noon and 3:00pm in the church or chapel. The 3:00pm slot is reserved for active parishioners. To schedule your wedding, please contact Holy Trinity's Wedding Coordinator at The wedding coordinator will check your parish registration status, set the date, reserve the church/chapel, schedule your rehearsal date, connect you with a priest or a deacon to prepare your wedding file, and serve as your guide throughout the process.

In addition to scheduling the wedding, what else will I need to prepare?

Couples marrying at Holy Trinity will need to:

  • Participate in a wedding preparation program.
    • Holy Trinity's Marriage Preparation Program - Holy Trinity offers a program designed to support engaged couples as they prepare for marriage within this faith community. For more information or to register for MPP, email the Faith Formation Department at
    • Outside Programs - A number of other programs are available in the Washington area for those couples unable to participate in Holy Trinity’s program. Since the following programs are administered outside of Holy Trinity, please contact these programs directly to make your own arrangements.
  • Meet with the priest/deacon who will prepare you at least six months in advance.
  • Compile a wedding file. The priest or deacon preparing you for marriage will assist you with the wedding file, but couples may begin to work on the following:
    • An official reprint of your baptismal certificate from the parish in which you were baptized. The baptismal certificate must have been issued no more than six months before the date of your marriage.
    • A letter or certificate of completion for a marriage preparation program.
    • A civil marriage license from the District of Columbia.

I’m a parishioner, but will be married elsewhere. Can someone prepare our wedding file?

Couples who have been active parishioners (registered, with a history of giving or ministry participation) for at least one year before the date of their wedding may work with one of the parish priests to prepare a wedding file for a marriage ceremony celebrated in another parish. Contact should be made no less than six months before the wedding date. If the marriage is to be celebrated internationally, contact must be made no less than nine months before the wedding date. Contact Holy Trinity’s Wedding Coordinator at to connect you with a priest or deacon.