Marriage is a Sacrament of the Church, that is, a place in which you can encounter the person of Jesus alive and active within your relationship. As such, we hope that you recognize your wedding as a profoundly spiritual experience for you and for the rest of the Church who will see in your love for each other a reflection of the immeasurable love that Jesus Christ has for all the Church.

Marriage Preparation Program

The Catholic Church requires that you begin sacramental preparation for your wedding celebration at least six months prior to your wedding. During that time, you will participate in a Marriage Preparation Program, meet with the priest who will preside at your wedding, work with the presiding priest to complete all the necessary paperwork for your wedding, and plan for the ceremony.

Holy Trinity Parish offers a five-week Marriage Preparation Program that is designed to support engaged couples as they prepare for this lifetime commitment to each other within the faith community.

Questions about the Marriage Preparation Program should be addressed to the Faith Formation department at

Outside Programs

A number of other programs are available in the Washington area for those couples unable to participate in Holy Trinity’s program. Since the following programs are administered outside of Holy Trinity, please contact these programs directly to make your own arrangements.

Catholic Engaged Encounter
Archdiocese of Washington
Diocese of Arlington

Ceremony and Arrangements

To schedule your wedding, please contact Holy Trinity's Wedding Coordinator, Helene Flanagan at Helene will check your parish registration status, set the date, reserve the church/chapel, schedule your rehearsal date, and serve as your guide throughout the process.