Tithe Grantees

Holy Trinity has made a commitment to donate a tithe (10% of the parish's ordinary income which includes offertory, pledges and holiday giving) to various social service, advocacy, educational, and Jesuit-related organizations that serve the poor and vulnerable. Grants are awarded each spring after parishioners on the social justice committee review proposals and make recommendations to the pastor.

2022 Priority Theme: Early Childhood Development

We are interested in organizations and programs that focus on the social/emotional development, educational needs, and general wellness of young children.  This is meant to include supporting parenting of young children.  This focus is made in the knowledge that young children have been uniquely impacted by the pandemic. We would be open to funding any program that addresses the needs of children,  especially low-income children and children of color, and in particular,  programs addressing the compromised developmental track for children. Please review the RFP for more requirements.

2022 RFP for Early Childhood Development  Due March 4, 2022

Holy Trinity’s tithe program seeks to address the root causes of poverty. The committee is also guided by the Apostolic Preferences: Showing the Way to God; Walking with the Excluded; Journeying with Youth; and Care for Our Common Home.  In addition to the large grant theme, the committee awards small grants (less than $20,000) to organizations addressing environmental justice, racial justice, refugees/migration, returning citizens, homelessness, and education. We determine awardees in collaboration with members of the parish through prayer and discernment. This concrete and ongoing commitment to social justice is a priority among Holy Trinity parishioners and its careful and transparent distribution is an important responsibility of the Social Justice Committee.

2022 Small Grant RFP Due March 4, 2022