PPC Standing Committees

The leadership structure of Holy Trinity Parish includes several standing committees of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC).

These standing committees are:

Committee on Ignatian Spirituality and Jesuit Identity
Communications Committee
Stewardship and Development Committee
Education Committee
Facilities Committee
Parish Life Committee
Social Justice Committee
Worship Committee


Standing committee membership consists of the Chair and three or more (depending upon the needs of the committee) at-large members (selected annually and expected to serve three years). In addition, the pastor appoints a staff person annually to each standing committee to assist committee members in their work and the Parish Pastoral Council Executive Committee appoints a liaison to the committee each PPC year.

Members must be registered parishioners for at least one year and be willing to make a commitment to carry out the duties of the position. Minimally, this means attending meetings, taking on assignments, and making the required time for the commitment. In addition individual committees may set specific qualifications for membership.

Committee Chairpersons must be a confirmed Roman Catholic, and must have completed at least one year of membership on the committee. Chairs serve one year, with a maximum of two consecutive one-year terms. Committees are encouraged to consider a system in which a Chair-Elect serves a one-year term and then becomes Chair after that year for a term of one year.