About Holy Trinity

We are a Jesuit parish that welcomes all to:

Accompany One Another in Christ
Celebrate God's Love
Transform Lives

Jesuit Tradition

Holy Trinity is a Roman Catholic parish sponsored by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a religious community that was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century. The mission of the parish, since her inception in 1787, has been to help parishioners live the Gospel of Jesus, that is, to celebrate the Sacraments well and often, to engage in collaborative ministry with the laity and all people of good will, to foster individuals' deepening relationship with Jesus through all forms of the Spiritual Exercises, and to be in solidarity with persons who are living on the margins of society, empowering them to change unjust social structures. In this way, Holy Trinity serves the larger Church and the people of God in the Washington, D.C. area.

What makes Holy Trinity a Jesuit parish?

Holy Trinity is committed to four core principles of proceeding as a Jesuit parish (adapted from "A Letter from the Superior General to the Jesuits in Parish Ministry," August 27, 2005)

Missionary Outreach: A missionary spirit means that a parish is a "base of outreach operations." Holy Trinity approaches this through multiple ministries, including preaching the Word, evangelizing through prayerful catechesis (instruction), giving the Spiritual Exercises, hearing confessions and administering other sacraments, serving the poor and other persons in need, and working for justice. This spirit of openness and outreach creates an atmosphere that is welcoming, encouraging and supportive.

Social Ministry: Holy Trinity embraces ethnic diversity, cultural sensitivity, the promotion of justice and a spirit of solidarity.  The parish is committed to “the faith that does justice” by demonstrating a camaraderie with the poor and dedication to those in need.  Visit the Social Justice section to learn more about service opportunities.

Collaboration in Mission: Jesuits serve as bridges between the Society of Jesus and their communities.  At Holy Trinity, Jesuits collaborate with the Archdiocese of Washington, other parishes, the wide Holy Trinity parish network, and other lay people to serve Holy Trinity's mission.  These collaborations are guided by a conviction to work together as a team toward the greater good.

A Practical Spirituality through the Spiritual Exercises and Discernment: Holy Trinity invites parishioners to seek God through "eyes wide open" contemplation; and having discerned God's will, parishioners are invited to carry it out vigorously and with full attention to the task at hand.  Both contemplation and action are necessary; both aim at deepening our relationship with God.  Explore the many programs offered at Holy Trinity to help parishioners integrate the worlds of prayer and action.