Social Justice

The Social Justice Ministry at Holy Trinity seeks to assist parishioners in deepening their relationship with God through acts of justice. As an urban parish in an urban diocese we have the opportunity to engage with many neighbors in the DC metro area. We also engage with two sister parishes – Maria Madre de los Pobres in El Salvador and St Jean Baptiste in Haiti – and Jesuit social services beyond our borders. The social justice ministry strives to follow the general principles of social justice and the Universal Apostolic Preferences, and its work consists of direct service, advocacy efforts, educational opportunities, and tithe donations. Whether you have five minutes or five days, there is a way for you to live your faith. Let us help you find it. 

General Principles of Social Justice

We strive to be mindful that we are God’s living hearts and hands on earth.

We seek to cultivate an understanding of the communities and individuals with whom we collaborate.

We are empowered to work in solidarity to understand the root causes of poverty, hunger and homelessness, and support sustainable solutions.


Ashley Klick
Pastoral Associate for Social Justice
(202) 903-2836

Ebony Campbell
Social Justice Coordinator

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