Do Something Good for Your Neighbor

At Holy Trinity, our faith and Ignatian tradition call us to build a more just world that upholds dignity, equality and access to social and economic opportunity for all. During this unprecedented time, the needs of our local and international community continue. This year we invited you to participate on May 16 as part of National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day. While the "official day" is over, our community needs your help the other 364 days of the year. We have provided ongoing opportunities from our social justice volunteers and partners.

Holy Trinity Partner Projects

SOME Support

Since May 16 we have now collected over 4,634 snack bags and 567 toiletry bags! Due to COVID-19, we anticipate this will be our "pandemic" way of supporting our friends at SOME instead of our monthly RE food collection and service. Consider inviting your neighborhood, your sports team (inspired by Capital Lacrosse!), or your child's classroom to join in the giving. Beginning in September, in addition to the snack bags, each month we will also collect an item requested by SOME. Sign up. The collection schedule is below:

September 19: Snack Bags and Underwear

October 17: Snack Bags and Socks

November 21: Snack Bags and Shoes

December 19: Snack Bags and Coats

What to Pack in Your SOME Summer Bag


Capital Area Food Bank
The Capital Area Food Bank leads our region’s efforts to provide good, healthy food to people struggling with hunger and food insecurity. Each year, they source and distribute the food for over 30 million meals.  Volunteers will work at the DC Warehouse. Holy Trinity is organizing the September 20 afternoon shift and the September 26 morning shift from 9am-12pm. Volunteers must be 12 years old and all volunteers will be required to sign a waiver. Sign up.


Hope & a Home

Our friends at Hope and a Home are experiencing unprecedented food insecurity.  While we have formed a partnership with the Fr. McKenna Center for canned goods and pantry staples once a month, the children are requesting cereals and bars. Purchase items through the Amazon Wish List or contact Ashley to drop off at Holy Trinity or her home in Alexandria.

Help package food donations for Hope and a Home families on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 12-4pm. Packaging is done outside under a tent with social distancing. Sign up


Be a Pen Pal
Several of our partners are offering pen pal programs. Please consider participating:

*The Welcome Home pentorship program partners you with an inmate on the path to release. This simple act accompanies people returning to society by hearing what they want to do with their lives and using everyday practical wisdom to accompany them as they try to achieve their goals. A willing heart is all that is needed. For more details contact Ron Garrett.

* Write letters to folks who are incarcerated and are experiencing social isolation at this time with the Malta Pen Pal Program. To get involved, email Doug at

Knitting for Kino Club
Knitting is a fun and creative outlet, and it is known to reduce stress and increase literacy. Now is a great time to start a new hobby or dust off your knitting needles to make baby blankets for our friends at the border.  As border policies have shifted over time, we've seen more and more single moms and families at the Kino Border Initiative - and sometimes these are very young moms with infants or babies. The blanket you are making will keep one of these children warm on a cold desert night or on a long bus ride. Please send completed blankets to the Attn: Joanna Williams, Kino Border Initiative, 81 N Terrace Avenue, Nogales, AZ 85621.






Additional Opportunities

Martha's Table

We are still collecting for our friends at Martha's Table. They accept the following: Meat and Cheese Sandwiches, PB &J Sandwiches, Trail Mix, Baked Goods and Canned Goods. A donation box will be outside the following location for no-contact drop-off every Wednesday- please drop off by 10am:

3336 Reservoir Rd NW
Washington DC 2000

Friendship Heights

Give homeless children the opportunity to continue their education through distance learning by funding the IT devices needed to connect them with their school work. Friendship Place serves over 300 children and their families through Families First and Veterans First Programs, and through The Brooks, temporary housing facility in Ward 3 of the District. This donation is in lieu of the collection and distribution of school backpacks that local congregations have so generously supported in previous years. Instead, Friendship Place has requested monetary donations to allow caseworkers to respond to the specific in-home learning needs of individual families.

Can You Help? Request from CAIR Coalition

Our friends at the CAIR Coalition asked us to share the GoFundMe page of a recent teenage client, Noe, who was in a tragic accident. During his short time in the US, Noe has been a kind, goal-driven high school student who was learning English and staying out of trouble. He looked after his mom and sister with great care; now he needs all the support he can possibly get.