Parish Staff Directory


Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J.—Pastor

Rev. Paul Campbell, S.J.—Associate Pastor

Rev. Benjamin Hawley, S.J.—Associate Pastor

Rev. William Kelley, S.J.—Associate Pastor


Paul Bolejack―Chief Information Manager

Judith Brusseau―Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation & Religious Education

Dino Campagnari―Director of Facilities

Kathleen DeJardin―Director of Music Ministry

Moira Duggan―Weddings & Baptisms Coordinator

Helene Flanagan―Executive Assistant to the Pastor

Angela Grady―Director of Human Resources

Catherine Heinhold―Pastoral Assistant for Ignatian Programming/Young Adult Community (YAC)

Xareny Jackson―Office Coordinator for Religious Education Ministries

Chris Kehoe―Director of Finance

Ashley Klick―Communications Coordinator & Anniversary Manager

202-337-2836 (x225)

Anne Koester―RCIA Coordinator

Kevin McShane―Holy Trinity School Principal

Sandy Nguyen―RE Coordinator K-8

Pauline Oduekila―Accountant

Martina O'Shea―Pastoral Associate for Ignatian Spirituality

Karelia Pallan―Director of Communications

David Pennington―Pastoral Associate for Liturgy

Rock Schuler―Director of Stewardship