Parish Pastoral Council Election


Submit Your Ballot

Welcome to the online ballot for the 2020 Parish Pastoral Council Elections. Please read the following rules carefully:

1. Voting is open to all registered parishioners. Please note the reason we ask for your name and email is so that the council election committee can check your name against the parish’s registration database to validate your vote.

2. Your votes will be kept strictly confidential, and will not be publicly accessible, shared with the candidates, nor retained after the election has been completed.

3. You may select up to, but no more than, FOUR (4) candidates on this ballot. If you vote for more than four candidates, your ballot will be invalidated and none of your votes will be counted.

4. You may vote only ONCE during the open voting period, whether in person or online. Multiple entries from the same parishioner will be invalidated and none of your votes will be counted.

Information about each of the candidates can be viewed below the ballot.

Candidate Statements

Below, please find each candidate’s statement.

Scroll down and click on a candidate’s name to show their statement or view and download a PDF .