Register for Youth Confirmation Sacramental Preparation


  • August 1: Final Registration Deadline


  • Candidate's sacramental history
  • Candidate sponsor
  • Health insurance and medical information


  • There is a fee of $100
  • Registration is not final until the Youth Ministry office has a copy of baptismal certificate
  • Email copies of baptismal certificates to

Registering online for Youth Confirmation Preparation is a multi-step process. Please read the following carefully:

External links:

  • Each step in the process takes you AWAY from this series of registration support pages to an external link.

Solution: Please return to this window in your browser after each step to ensure that you complete them all.

Time-lag between steps:

  • There will be some time-lag between some of the steps, as you wait for account verification, etc.

Solution: Bookmark and print this page, or use the checklist that was sent via mail and email, to keep track of what you have completed. 

How do I know when I'm finished?

Solution: Keep clicking the "Next Step" button on this series of support pages until you reach the final "Thank you!" page.

  • If any steps remain incomplete after approximately one week after you commence the registration process, we will send you a reminder email to help you out.
  • Once all required steps have been completed and reviewed by the Youth Ministry office, you will receive a notification email confirming your child’s enrollment details.

If you hit a snag, please contact

Thank you!

Questions? Send an email to