Step #1: VERIFY via the Archdiocese

Log into My Own Church (MOC) and verify the information on your family’s record in the Archdiocese’s database.

If you recently verified your information (for example, during the process of registering for RE classes) then you do not need to do this again.

  1. If you already have an MOC account, go to, login and verify/update your information.
    • See our FAQ at for screen shots and how-to info. Please ignore FAQ #6.
    • Please review all contact information on the “Family Details” tab, especially the Emergency Phone number and description.
    • For parents: On the “Member Details” tab, please review email address and cell phone.
    • For child(ren): On the “Member Details” tab, please review Nickname and Birth Date.
      • Special Needs. Please note that there is currently a bug in the software where anything entered into the “Special Needs” field in the MOC interface is not saved. If your child has special learning or health needs, there is an option to provide those in the registration process. RE staff will use that information to update the Special Needs field.
    • You’re done with Step 1. You can stay logged onto MOC and go to Step 2: Register for Religious Education class.
  2. If you are unsure whether or not you have an MOC account:
    • Go to the website in listed item #1 above and try the reset password feature to see if it recognizes your email address.
    • Please try alternate email address that you might have used on you MOC account (as long as you still have access to those mailboxes.)
    • If you are able to log on with your MOC account, please follow the instructions in item #1 above.
    • If the reset password doesn’t work, go to the next item (#3).
  3. If you know you don’t have an MOC account, but are a registered parishioner:
    • Go to the website listed in item #1 above and click “New User?” (or “Register” if on a mobile phone) to request an account.
    • You must indicate that your organization is Holy Trinity, Washington. (For mobile devices, there was a bug last year with the mobile version of the registration form when using a DC zip code. If you experience this, there is a “Full Site” link on the first page of the mobile site.)
    • You will receive and email with access details once your request has been processed.
    • Once you are able to log on with your MOC account, please follow the instructions in item #1 above.
  4. If you know that you have not yet registered as a parishioner in the parish:
  5. If you are lost or are have difficulties, email, indicating what you have tried to do and a description of what’s going wrong.