7th Grade Confirmation Preparation

This information applies to all students who are interested in being confirmed at Holy Trinity in Spring 2023


Students planning to celebrate Confirmation in 8th grade must participate in faith formation during their 7th grade year.  Registration specifically for Confirmation takes place in 8th grade.

    • If a 7th grade student attends a public school or a non-Catholic private school, please register for religious education at Holy Trinity. Registration for religious education may be found here.
    • If a 7th grade student attends Holy Trinity School or another Catholic school, no registration for Confirmation preparation is required until his or her 8th grade year.

Faith Formation & Liturgical

All 7th grade students should consistently attend religious education classes through a parish faith formation program or Catholic school. 

All 7th grade students should participate in Mass faithfully each Sunday (or Saturday Vigil) at his or her local parish.

Confirmation Name Reflection

During the Rite of Confirmation, the Bishop or Archbishop will call each candidate by name as he anoints the candidate with sacred chrism: "Name, be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit."  Therefore, each candidate for Confirmation will choose a name for Confirmation and will write a reflection on this name in 7th grade.

The following are options for your Confirmation name:

    • The name your parents gave you at your baptism.  This reflects the deep connection between baptism and confirmation and the call that each of us has to be a saint!
    • A canonized saint within the Catholic Church
    • A person who is a candidate for canonization within the Catholic Church (“Blessed”, “Venerable”, or “Servant of God” before his/her name)
    • A well-known living or deceased Catholic witness (i.e. Pope Francis, Pedro Arrupe, etc.)

Please write on the following questions in the reflection:

For those who choose their baptismal name:

    • Research the meaning of your name.
    • Why was this name given to you at birth?
    • Explain the connection between baptism and confirmation and why using your baptismal name shows this connection.
    • What does it mean to be a saint? How is each of us called to be a saint?  Does this seem like an easy or difficult calling?  Why?

For those who choose another  name:

    • Provide a brief summary of the person’s life.
    • Saints can be viewed as both patrons and companions. How do you relate to your person as a patron? How do you relate to your person as a companion?
    • ”For me, to be a saint means to be myself.” -Thomas Merton. How can Merton’s insight be applied to your own life?
    • How will your person be a model of spirituality and service to you throughout your preparation for Confirmation?

1-2 pages, legible 12 pt font. Instructions on how to submit the Confirmation Name Reflection will be provided separately.


We encourage youth and families to engage in service opportunities throughout the year.  As Catholic Christians, we are called to service especially to serve those least in our midst.  Please see here for ways to volunteer.