Living Our Mission

January 5 Issue of the Holy Trinity Bulletin
By Rock Schuler, Director of Stewardship

In The Lord of the Rings, Lady Galadriel gifts to Frodo to light of Earendil as he is about to embark into the darkness of Mordor: “I give you the light of Earendil, our most beloved Star. May it be for you a light in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

The season after the Epiphany (the Christian Feast of Light, when we remember the Magi who followed the light of the star to the place where Jesus was born) reminds us that our Christian vocation is to be light in dark places. We persist in reflecting the one light when all other lights go out.

Following the light of Christ, reflecting Christ’s light in the world, is what Christian stewardship is all about. How do we use the blessings we’ve been given to magnify the light of Christ, especially in the world’s darkest places?

Not all of us can walk into the Mordors of the world…but all of us can pray for those who labor in such places, and all of us can give a portion of our resources to support the Church’s front-line ministries.

This is what the Parish Pledge is—giving money as a symbol and tool of all our blessings, in support of the Church as it undergirds and carries out the work of bringing light into darkness, through its prayerful worship and good works.

Pledges of money and time represent the light that we as Holy Trinity project against the darkness…the light of reason and education against ignorance and fear; the light of spiritual formation against materialistic reductionism and the hollowness of modern culture; the light of compassion and advocacy and justice against the stridently dehumanizing voices and acts that surround us; the light of a God of universal love over and above those who would confine God to a narrow channel of self-interest.

The light of your pledge commitment shines in the darkness by making possible our Masses and worship services and prayers, our Christian formation and Ignatian spirituality programs, our social justice work and the ministries of inclusion that have long been woven into our parish identity.

Our 2020 Pledge Drive in support of this light is going well, with participation and giving as of 12/31/19 running ahead of 12/31/18! Soon we will begin our annual Phone-A-Thon, reaching many who pledged last year but have not yet done so this year – if that includes you, please consider renewing your pledge today, before the Phone-A-Thon gets underway later this month. And to those who have pledged for 2020 – thank you for playing such a critical role in making sure the light of Holy Trinity continues to shine!

Pledges can be made online at or by contacting me at or (202) 903-2843. Thank you.