Message from the Pastor

January 19 Issue of the Holy Trinity Bulletin


What an amazing year 2019 was for the parish! In celebrating the 225th Anniversary of our chapel, we remembered our parish’s grace-filled past. Inspired by this past week's Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time Tournament—did you watch any of the fantastic shows?—I have come up with a series of Jesuit Jeopardy-style clues to test your memories and look back on the year:

  1. The 200th/225th Anniversary Benefit was held at this restaurant on the Georgetown waterfront.
  2. Holy Trinity received this nonprofit’s 2019 Community Leadership Award at their annual Living in the City benefit.
  3. The Georgetowner recently named this collective group as “Georgetowners of the Year” because they are a “work in progress and in love.”
  4. The Holy Trinity Columbarium at Holy Rood was blessed and opened on this Holy Day.
  5. The parish staff last year included this pair, the youngest and the oldest Jesuits to serve in 2019.
  6. Last spring, this parish speaker discussed her service on the Papal Commission, exploring the possibility for women’s diaconate ordination.
  7. This Jesuit coordinated the meeting of cardinals in Rome as well as served on a panel with Holy Trinity parishioners.
  8. The most recently-installed Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of Washington, this priest came to the parish last year to confirm more than 100 Holy Trinity 8th graders.
  9. The first Catholic pilgrims to the colony of Maryland settled in this city, where Holy Trinity parishioners visited in 2019 as part of a history bus tour.
  10. Like the Nationals, this team of Holy Trinity School students was crowned champions after winning the City Tournament.
  11. At midnight Mass, the Resurrection of Jesus was celebrated when this church symbol functioned properly for the first time in years.
  12. In August, America magazine published an article written by this parishioner that describes the parish’s “Season of Discernment” in response to the sexual abuse crisis.
  13. Named for “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and because he likes to do things his way, this parish late night security creature helps keep the mice away.
  14. The parish’s anniversary timeline, installed last January, features these three presidents related to Holy Trinity’s history.
  15. Inspired by historical figures, this event added a distinct form of drama in the newly-repaired church.

If you think you know all (or most) of the correct responses, please send your guesses to by January 21. Although it may not be quite as good as the $1 million Jeopardy GOAT prize, I will treat the winning

parishioner to dinner on a mutually agreeable date!

—The Jeopardy Jesuit,
Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J.