8th Grade Confirmation Preparation

This information applies to all students who are interested in being confirmed at Holy Trinity in Spring 2021.


Registration for Confirmation preparation is required for students who are interested in being confirmed at Holy Trinity in Spring 2021. Please note:

    • If an 8th grade student attends Holy Trinity School or another Catholic school, please register for Confirmation preparation. Complete all three steps listed here.
    • If an 8th grade student attends a public school or a non-Catholic private school, please register for religious education at Holy Trinity and Confirmation preparation. Registration for religious education may be found here.
    • Attendance at a Catholic school or registration for religious education does not mean your student is automatically registered for Confirmation preparation.

Faith Formation & Liturgical

All 8th grade students should be consistently attending religious education classes or formal Catholic schooling.

All 8th grade students should be consistently attending Sunday Mass at his or her local parish.


All 8th grade students will:

    • Attend all scheduled Confirmation preparation sessions (November, December, January, February). Due to our circumstances, preparation will be held virtually this year. Please contact Rebecca for the sign up and virtual meeting dates.
    • Attend the morning of reflection in the spring. Again, due to our circumstances, this retreat will be modified. Rebecca will be in contact with a plan as we approach springtime.


The nature of the pandemic has made it more difficult for us to directly serve our neighbors and participate in many of our normal projects. Therefore, candidates for Confirmation will not be held to a certain number of service hours or events for this preparation year. However, if they do complete any service hours or events (which is still highly encouraged) and would like to record it, they may utilize this form.

Service opportunities are regularly advertised through the Social Justice Ministry. If you do serve with an outside organization this year, please check their specific requirements (age/health and safety) before scheduling a time to serve.

For 8th grade HTS students: We will be following these same guidelines for completing and recording service during the school year.


Candidates for Confirmation will need the spiritual help of a sponsor during preparation and throughout their life. A sponsor is someone who accompanies the candidate as they grow in their life and faith. He or she is there to pray for the candidate, to encourage them as they grow in faith and discern their vocation, and to guide them in their thoughts and questions. The sponsor should be the choice of the candidate, and he or she should be an important model of faith in the candidate's life. A few requirements a sponsor must meet:

    • A fully-initiated member of the Catholic Church. He or she should be baptized, have received First Eucharist, and confirmed all in the Catholic tradition.
    • Age limit of 16 years of age or older.
    • To emphasize the special connection between Baptism and Confirmation, it can be appropriate to choose godparents from Baptism as sponsors. Both godparents can attend the Confirmation Mass; however, it is encouraged that only one godparent accompanies the candidate to the altar to be anointed at the Mass.
    • Candidates are encouraged to regularly meet with their sponsors during the preparation year. You may find a guide for discussion and reflection here.
    • Rebecca will be in contact with you prior to the Confirmation Mass to acquire the name of the sponsor.

Confirmation Name

Candidates may choose either their baptismal name (i.e. Rebecca Jane) or the name of a saint (i.e. St. Francis of Assisi) that has meaning to them. They are not obligated to choose the saint they wrote about in their saint reflection during the previous year. Rebecca will be in contact with you prior to the Confirmation Mass to acquire this information.

Confirmation Mass

Confirmation Masses will be held at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Spring 2021.

    • A sign-up will be released via email later in the year for you to choose the Mass at which you would like for your child to be confirmed. Due to our circumstances, Mass scheduling may be modified.
    • When signing up for a Mass, please list your child's first and last name.
    • Please do not count family members when signing up your child. Your child's name in the sign-up stands as the placeholder for your family/sponsor at that Mass.
    • Due to the capacity of the church, there are a limited number of candidates allowed at each Mass. Therefore, you are encouraged to choose your specified Mass date as soon as possible.