ABCs and FAQs of Camp Trinity

Greetings from the Camp Trinity Steering Committee!  We are excited about our Camp Trinity 2015 and our theme celebrating the Family of God!  We welcome you to join us and share the joy in this very special weekend.To help you get a feel for the weekend, here are some helpful tips and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions!  Closer to the weekend; keep an eye on your e-mail.  All participants will receive a detailed schedule, Camp Directory and additional information to help make the weekend extra special!

Are We There Yet? Getting to Camp Trinity/Shrine Mont All of us know the joys of driving in the Washington area.  Without traffic, the trip to Shrine Mont is 1 ½ to 2 hours from the I-495/66 intersection.  With traffic, especially later on Friday afternoon, your travel time may double.  If you can’t leave the DC metropolitan area by 3:30 p.m., you may want to wait until after the evening rush is over.

DIRECTIONS: From Washington, DC  Shrine Mont is located 1 hour south of Winchester and approximately 2 hours from the Washington DC metro areas. To reach Shrine Mont, follow Route 66 West to I-81 South to Mt. Jackson (Exit #273). Turn left onto Rt. 703 (East), then right (South) on US 11, follow through town, turn right on Rt. #263 and follow approximately 13 miles to Orkney Springs.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON/NIGHT: CHECK IN is at the Virginia House registration desk in the lobby.  Please CHECK IN FIRST BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE!   Once you have checked in, go on to your room and get settled.

Dinner is a cold meal that will be available from 5:30-7:00pm or until it is gone.  If you know you will arrive after 7:00pm, you should plan to get some dinner along the way. There are fast food restaurants off I-81South at exit 273.

Please let us know if you will not be at dinner on Friday or if you will be arriving after 9:00 p.m. so we do not worry. Contact Kathy Ravenscroft or call the main number for Shrine Mont 1-540-856-2141.

Name Badges: Everyone will be given a badge with his/her name on it.  Please wear your badge all weekend.  Children through the 8th grade are required to wear their badges.

WHAT TO PACK!?! The weather is always an iffy thing in the mountains this time of year!  We suggest layers, jackets, rain gear (the more people who bring it, the better the chances we can keep the rain away!), and shoes/boots you don’t mind getting muddy and wet!  If the forecast sounds warm

Bath and bed linens: Shrine Mont provides pillows, blankets, sheets and towels which are serviceable but not luxurious.  You may want to bring a favorite pillow or blanket, if the weather is chilly.  If it is going to be warm, some campers bring small fans.  Also, Shrine Mont bath towels are small so if you want a larger size, or if the forecast is rainy, bring extras from home.

Dress code Be sure to dress casually and be prepared for weather changes.  Remember, nights can be cool at Shrine Mont. For families with children, bring extra clothes and shoes.  Salamander hunting is contagious and muddy!  Some people bring rain boots or water shoes.  Fishing is also allowed at the lake.

Comforts of home: Favorite book, bible or prayer collection, writing journal, drawing supplies, knit/crochet project, crossword, Sudoku

I’m new and I don’t know a lot of the people who are going.  I’m concerned I will feel left out! All are welcome…. You will be matched with a “veteran camper” and there is a newcomers’ event on Friday night in the Virginia House lobby.  Our job is to be sure no one feels left out.  Camp Trinity is where people come get to know each other better – in conversations over meals, sitting on the porch watching the kids play!  …and we want to get to know you too!!

Music Ministry   – Those who volunteer for the music ministry should be prepared to attend rehearsals before each of the liturgies.  There are non-Eucharistic liturgies each day, as well as Mass on Sunday morning.  We encourage the entire Camp Trinity community to participate – and it’s a great way to get to know people!

How Do We Help Out? By Volunteering!  Camp Trinity works because we all pitch in.  As an all volunteer-run event, everyone is expected to donate at least one hour over the weekend and welcome anyone who can help over the summer with planning. An alphabetical listing of volunteer assignments will be mailed to you a few days before the weekend.  If you don’t receive it in advance, you will pick up your assigned volunteer time at the front desk when you arrive at Shrine Mont.

Another opportunity to volunteer–As part of their service project at Camp Trinity, the Teens are collecting men’s underwear and sox to package for the homeless shelter in Camden, NJ where the Youth Ministry program has had summer service projects.  We are requesting that each family bring new packages of men’s underwear (M-XXL) and white cotton sox (one size fits all!); these items are readily available at Walmart and Target!

The complete volunteer schedule will be posted in the Virginia House lobby.  Due to unforeseen last minute cancellations, the timing of your volunteer assignment might change slightly.  Please consult the Volunteer Assignments Lists posted on the bulletin board as you check in on Friday.

If you are unable to fulfill your assignment, please try to find a switch with someone or find a substitute.  For many programs, particularly children’s activities, we rely on volunteers for safety and programming success.

What is there to eat? Snacks and drinks for the Hospitality Room The Hospitality Room provides a gathering place throughout the weekend and will serve snacks and beverages.  It will be open during the day except during meal times.  Each household is asked to bring enough snacks and drinks to supply your needs for the weekend, with all contributions combined to share.  No microwave or refrigeration is available.

The following are foods that have proved popular with our campers:  fruit rollups; candy corn; small boxes of raisins; M & Ms (individual bags), grapes (washed) as well as other fruit such as bananas, apples, and plums; granola bars; Cheez-Its; Goldfish; Rice Krispie treats; Oreos & other cookies (store-bought and homemade); cheese/string cheese; pretzels; chips; juice boxes; soft drinks; and anything else your family enjoys as snacks.  If you or your family members are soda drinkers, please be sure to bring some of your favorite to drink and some to share.  There is also a soda machine near Virginia House.

Note: Simple breakfast foods (cereals, milk, bananas, bread, peanut butter and jelly) will be available from 6:45-8:00 AM for those very young children who have trouble waiting for the Shrine Mont breakfast times.  Peanut butter and jelly are also provided in the dining room at all meals.

Camp Trinity is going green – Fresh Orkney Spring water will be in the lobby throughout the day, and we encourage you to bring your own refillable water bottle.  Hot chocolate, coffee and tea are also available in the Virginia House lobby throughout the day; pack your favorite thermal mug to help us cut down on the Styrofoam use!

First Aid and Emergencies
First aid supplies are available at the Registration Desk in the Virginia House lobby.  There are often medical personnel among the campers and they are available for assistance, if necessary.  If you need medical help, ask at the front desk and someone can direct you to the medical help you need.  Remember to bring along any medications you need! The nearest hospital is in Harrisonburg, but there is a fire station with EMT staff a half-mile from Shrine Mont.  In an emergency, contact the Shrine Mont office immediately so that they can call 911 (cell phone usage is spotty at best).  If you need to leave emergency contact information at home, the Shrine Mont office number is (540) 856- 2141 and the e-mail address is