8th Grade Confirmation Service Program

In 8th grade, candidates for Confirmation decide on their own service focus for their Confirmation preparation year. In 7th grade, they participated in four service activities over the course of the year. In 8th grade, we encourage candidates to decide on their service focus by thinking about what service in 7th grade they found meaningful, that really set their heart on fire or that they’d like to explore more, and to choose that as their focus in 8th grade. Candidates should submit a proposal for service to the poor and vulnerable that is meaningful and exciting to them. They should feel free to be creative.

There is no logging of hours  like in 7th grade. Rather, this is a self-driven process culminating in a written service reflection in the spring. This service reflection should be completed by the time the candidate comes to his/her Confirmation conversation with a team leader in the spring.

If you are struggling to find opportunities, you may wish to consider serving one of the organizations Holy Trinity works with on a regular basis: A Wider Circle, the McKenna Center or Martha’s Table, for example. A list of direct service opportunities available through Holy Trinity Church can be found here. The Power of One Parish Service Day is also an option for one opportunity. The Social Justice e-letter is also a good source.


Please note:

  • Students should never be dropped off without adult supervision at a service opportunity.
  • There must be 1 adult to every 4 minors.
  • This is to be arranged by the parents.
  • Family service is highly encouraged!
  • Participants must be 13 to serve at the McKenna Center