Hospitality Ministry intstructions

9:00 am (9:30 am) Mass Hospitality Ministry Instructions

If you plan on attending 9:00 am mass (9:30 mass in the summer) it is probably best to arrive by 8:00 am (8:30 am in the summer) (especially for your first time). If you are not going to that mass then you can arrive by 9:00 am (9:30 am in the summer).

Use ONLY the Hospitality Supplies in the black storage cabinet so marked in the kitchen.  The large refrigerator in the kitchen has supplies labeled Donut Ministry.

You (and possibly other volunteers) will be running Hospitality ministry. *This is not a staff run ministry.

There is also a binder with instructions in the cabinet in the McKenna kitchen.

Make Coffee

3 “pots” of Regular Coffee (2 in summer)

1 “pot” of Decaf (1 in summer)

To make one “pot”:

  • Make sure switch is on II (makes 2 gallons)
  • Place one large paper filter into filter cup
  • For Regular put in 4 one-cup scoops (the Regular coffee is in the cabinet in a clear canister
  • For Decaf use 4 bags of coffee (coffee bags are in boxes in the cabinet 
  • Place filter cups tightly into rails at top of coffee maker.  Place coffee urn under the filter cups and take off small black top with chair so coffee can flow into the urn.  Green spigot is for regular coffee; orange spigot is for decaf
  • Press black button marked BREW JUST ONCE to start brewing
  • Red heating indicator will flash for a second or two and coffee will start to drip into the urn. The brewing process takes about 5 minutes.  IMPORTANT: WAIT AT LEAST 5 MINUTES BEFORE FILLING THE NEXT URN TO ALLOW WATER TO HEAT UP AGAIN.
  • While the coffee brews, move coffee stands to the long tables in McKenna Hall.  See the setup photo in the binder in the coffee cabinet for arrangement of stands and coffee fixings.

Coffee Tables              

  • Use the long tables put together at the entrance of McKenna
  • Move the Coffee stands to the table
  • When coffee is brewed set it on coffee stand
  • Put coffee sleeves in the stand
  • Glass with stirrers
  • 2 Regular Sugar cans
  • Basket with Splenda/Equal/Sweet & Low
  • 4 containers of Half-and-half (from refrigerator) AFTER MASS
  • 2 Powder Creamers
  • Coffee Cups (found on top of coffee cabinet)
  • Donation Cans and signs reminding of donations requested

Donut Table(s)

  • Pull out a variety of 7 boxes of donuts for 11:30 Mass fellowship (no sprinkles)
  • Double stack donuts around tables, usually four stacks per table
  • 1 large pile of napkins in center of table
  • 2 plastic knives for each table on top of napkin pile
  • 1 donation can at each table
  • Sign with suggested donation at each table

Bagel Table –(if bagels were ordered)

  • Use serrated knife in Donut cabinet to cut bagels
  • Put bagels out (if available)nicely in trays or baskets
  • a Money Can
  • Sign with suggested donation

Right before Mass Ends around 9:45 (10:15 in the Summer)

  • Open donut lids

 During Hospitality Hour

  • Monitor donut boxes and collect empty ones
  • Empty out money from donation cans periodically and put in the blue zippered bag in cabinet.  Once the crowd really thins out, total cash receipts, place in envelope with amount and slide into large wooden slotted lock box in the kitchen
  • Consolidate donut boxes

Clean-Up around 10:30 (11:00 am in the summer)

  • Clean up any obvious messes or empty boxes or containers (and consolidate donuts into boxes for 11:30 am mass)
  • Leave all usable set up (donuts, coffee, bagels, drinks, and donation cans) for 11:30 mass hospitality hour.