Faber Training Program

St. Peter Faber was one of the first Jesuits. He met Ignatius of Loyola when they were studying at the University of Paris. Faber made the full Exercises only after spending four years in spiritual conversation with Ignatius. Once he made them, however, Faber proved to be a master ‘giver’ of the Exercises. In Ignatius’ estimation, Faber was the best of all the first companions in giving the Exercises to others. After the Society of Jesus was founded in 1540, Faber spent most of his time in Germany. He was convinced that the Exercises were the most effective way to remedy divisions among Christians and reform the Church.

In instituting an innovative program for training in the Spiritual Exercises, we rely on the patronage of Peter Faber. Like Faber, we aspire to become effective guides of the Exercises. Understanding the need to carefully discern one’s call to direct the Exercises and learn necessary skills, we devote ample time and resources in preparing individuals for the ministry of the Exercises. Finally, we cherish the Exercises as Ignatius’ gift to the Church. Not only do the Exercises help people on their own journey of faith, but they can animate the spiritual, pastoral, theological, and liturgical life of the Church.

Our hope with the Peter Faber Program is to form skilled ministers of the Spiritual Exercises primarily for ministry to the People of God in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The program will enable participants to develop the competencies included in the document, “Guiding Standards for Those Who Give the Spiritual Exercises,” approved by the Jesuit provincials of the United States and English-speaking Canada 2009.

The program is sponsored by Holy Trinity Church and Georgetown University, in cooperation with the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus and The Jesuit Collaborative, a not-for-profit corporation that seeks to promote and foster the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises on the East Coast.

For more information, please contact Martina O’Shea (moshea@trinity.org).