Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism (for children newborn to six years old) is a Sacrament of Initiation that welcomes a child into our faith community of Catholic Christian believers, and is the celebration that begins the faith life of the child in and with Christ.

Together with the parents, godparents present an infant for baptism and help raise the child in the faith. Godparents are not required to be present for the baptism in order to serve as godparents.

Infant baptisms are regularly celebrated with the Christian community and more than one family will participate in the liturgy.

Baptism Preparation Class

Prior to baptism (here at Holy Trinity or elsewhere), parents are expected to participate in a Sacramental Preparation Program for Baptism, a one-hour class offered by our Faith Formation ministry. A baptism date is not required to schedule the class. To register for the baptism preparation class or if you have questions about the class, please complete the registration form below and return to

For the immediate future, classes are delivered online

2020-2021 Baptism Preparation Classes — Schedule

2020-2021 Baptism Preparation Classes — Registration Form

Celebrating Baptism Away From Holy Trinity

For more information about requests related to celebrating baptism away from Holy Trinity (either as a parishioner or a godparent) or to request a copy of a Holy Trinity Baptism Certificate, please see Sacramental Records for further information.

Celebrating Baptism At Holy Trinity

COVID update 10/25/2020: Following the onset of COVID-19 in March, the parish resumed celebrating baptisms in mid-August. For the foreseeable future and so long as the public health situation permits, baptisms will be celebrated in a brief ceremony with one family at a time with no more than 10 people in attendance (i.e., the child, 2 parents,2  godparents and no more than 5 guests). On a given baptism date, as many as four families may be scheduled in 30-minute increments. Additionally, families may choose whether they celebrate baptism outside in the Chapel Garden or inside the Chapel. All attendees will review the COVID covenant (here). If you or someone in your party have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness, we trust that you or your guest will remain at home. Face coverings are required for all adults. Hand sanitizer is available for use upon arrival. Given the fluctuating nature of the current pandemic, baptisms are currently being scheduled only on a short-term basis (one to three months in advance). 


1. Schedule baptism: To reserve a date and time for your child’s baptism, please contact

2. Baptism information form: Before the baptism takes place, you will be asked to complete and return the baptism information form (here), which is used to create the baptism certificate and for our sacramental records. Please note the mother’s maiden name is listed on the baptism certificate. Please note Holy Trinity does not require either a copy of baptism certificate or sponsor letter for godparents.

3. Celebrate baptism: Please arrive early to get settled. Your child should be dressed in a white garment, but Holy Trinity provides the other symbols used in the sacrament. You will receive the signed baptism certificate and baptism candle to take home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Mayor’s Order 2020-081 apply to people attending a baptism at Holy Trinity?
A: Yes–we expect all attendees will be in compliance with the DC travel restrictions–effective November 2, visitors from 42 high-risk states are required to take a COVID-19 test and receive a negative result within 72 hours before traveling and take another test locally if staying for more than three days. 

Q: If godparents are unable to attend due to travel restrictions, can we still have our baby baptized?
A: Proxy godparents are of course, permitted, so long as they are baptized individuals (and not the parents of the child). Your selected godparents will still be listed on the baptism certificate. If the selected godparents are unable to attend, they may participate virtually, but a proxy godparent is required and must be present in person.  

Q: Will the presider hold our baby?
A: Parents should hold the child–parents and child will come to the altar for baptism, godparents will also come forward, but stand at a distance.

Q: Are there precautions to keep the holy water as sanitary as possible?
A: Only fresh water will be used for each child (the same water will not be used for child after child).