Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism (for children newborn to six years old) is a Sacrament of Initiation that welcomes a child into our faith community of Catholic Christian believers, and is the celebration that begins the faith life of the child in and with Christ. Infant baptisms are regularly celebrated with the Christian community and more than one family will participate in the liturgy.

Together with the parents, godparents present an infant for baptism and help raise the child in the faith. Godparents are not required to be present for the baptism to serve as godparents.

1. to schedule a child’s baptism, please review the dates available on the baptism calendar then contact the Baptism Coordinator, Moira Duggan, at mduggan@trinity.orgĀ 

Baptism Calendar 2020

2. once the baptism is scheduled, you will be asked to complete and return the baptism information form, which we use to create the baptism certificate and for our sacramental records

3. to prepare for the baptism, parents are expected to participate in a religious education class before the baptism liturgy

Baptism Preparation Class Calendar 2019-2020

Baptism Preparation Class Registration Form 2019-2020

Questions about the class? Please contact the Religious Education Coordinator, Xareny Jackson, at

4. on the day of the baptism, please arrive early to get settled and review the liturgy with the coordinator

Holy Trinity Campus Map

Celebrating Baptism Away from Holy Trinity

If you require either of the following documents, please see Sacramental Records for further information:

  • if you are a parishioner celebrating the baptism of your child in another parish and require a permission letter
  • if you are a parishioner celebrating the baptism of your godchild in another parish and require a godparent or sponsor letter

Request of Holy Trinity Baptism Certificate

If you require a copy of your baptism certificate, please see Sacramental Records for further information.