Conscious Living Group

                            HOLY TRINITY CONSCIOUS LIVING GROUP

Parishioners are invited to share how the spirit directs our tomorrows and our efforts to be an instrument of peace in the lives of others.  The practice of conscious living, as we have all experienced, can be rewarding when shared with like minded people who desire God in all aspects of their lives.  The conscious living person attends to life review and is one who journeys within to find God anew.  Conscious living is discovering or rediscovering that God loves each one of us!  It is discovering how God wants us to live out our lives.  Each month the theme is different.

Some of the “things” we share with one another at these monthly meetings are

*We work on synthesizing wisdom from long-life experience.

*We acknowledge our interconnectedness with the many people who have contributed to the   inner richness of our lives.

*We identify and acknowledge our wisdom.

*Finally, we are a group of ordinary people who come together as children of God, trusting one another, and sharing parts of our lives that, perhaps, cannot be shared anywhere else.

We meet on the first Saturday of each month starting in September and going through June.  We meet at 10AM until noon in the home of Ann & John Hisle.  For more information please call Bill Hocking at 410-349-0329 or email at