Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry is, of course, the calling of every member of Holy Trinity, since Baptism initiates us into the one Body of Christ and commissions us as a priestly people to care for one another by prayer as well as action. This ministry is exercised generally for the human race and creation itself, but takes on more specific characteristics as we pray for those dear to us and for those in our own parish community.

To facilitate Holy Trinity’s prayer ministry there is a weekly e-mailing of prayer intentions for specific people who are ill and a monthly e-mailing keeping before the community those with longer term needs. New requests for prayers should be addressed to: Parish Life at For those with on-going illness, several volunteers minister to make contact with either those requesting prayers or those being prayed for; to help connect them with the praying community; and to represent the community in offering them prayers and other support. This helps make the prayer list more than just an anonymous listing of names.

Names are assigned among the volunteers for them to keep in contact, to send provided cards as appropriate, to offer other support as needed (meals, transportation, grocery shopping, visits--for all of which other volunteers will be called), to get updates (with respect for wishes of privacy), and to convey information as appropriate for the monthly prayer list, including whether or not to continue listing a person.

Volunteers have experienced rich rewards in a deeper prayer life, growing connections with others in the HT community, appreciation from many, and a direct involvement in what is a centrally important parish ministry, prayer.

Anyone wishing to join the Prayer Ministry team as a contactor, connecter, or community representative should contact Janice Wilder at

If you would like to subscribe to receive the monthly Long-Term Prayer List, please send an email to Janice Wilder at