Thank You to our 2024 Pledge Donors!

A heartfelt Thank You to all who have made a 2024 Pledge to Holy Trinity Parish! The below list represents pledges received through January 7. If you made a 2024 Pledge as of January 7 and your name does not appear, please contact Rock Schuler at (Note: Online Pledges will appear more quickly than e-mailed, mailed, or hand-delivered pledges which may take 1-3 weeks to appear depending on the mail and/or the Bulletin production schedule when the pledge is received.)

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Published in the 12/3/23 Bulletin:

Brian and Lori Alexander
Michael Arena
Lynnette Asselin
Jean McKeon Baker
James and Mary Balow
Paul Lang and Joan Barron
Garrison Bell and Beth Bell-Leresche
Charles And Patricia Betts
Elaine Braccio
Mark and Stephanie Brunhofer
Paul and Mariann Budde
Carla Bunch
Bernadette Cala
Lawrence And Kristine Carr
Paul and Joan Cataldo
Satish Kini and Jennifer Choi
Nancy Cholis
Margaret Cloherty
Peter and Lisa Colaianni
Blythe Conway
Bernard and Rosemary Cook
Pierce and Marja Corden
Kevin Curran
Greg and Jodie Curtis
Mark Danis
Michael and Emily Dennis
Dale and Catherine Didion
Bradley and Kerri Edwards
Paul and Peggy Ehrhardt
Tammy Evans
Caroline Evans
Thomas Fahy
Katie Fallon
Marie & Brad Fennell
Linda Fisher
Alan and Elizabeth Gamba Steel
Joseph and Joan Gartin
Brian Gaul
Joe and Julie Gersuk
Robert and Regina Gramss
James Gresser
Peter Grinnell
Maureen Hagerty
Robbie and Rebecca Hancock
Robert and Caroline Harlow
Richard And Mary Katherine Hawryluk
Jenny Heflin
John Heneghan
Raymond and Carol Hoare
Lucy Hogan
Scott and Jessica Homa
Thad and Susan Huetteman
James Johnson
Ricardo Pizarro and Mary Lou Johnson-Pizarro
Peter and Mary Kadzik
Sean and Stephanie Kelly
Frank Musica and Kathryn Kelly
Paul and Pilar Kent
Charles and Michelle Krocker
Don and Stacie Leathem
Richard Lee
Christine Livingston
Thomas and Melissa Luxner
Emmett Lynskey and Bethany Karwoski
Robert and Maryellen Magner
Frank Marshall
David and Ingrid Matuszewski
Patrick McCormick
Marilyn McMorrow
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Eugene Morris
Kathy Murray
Kate Musica and Norman Kittrell
Juliana Nam
Eric Nicoll
Suzanne Noonan
Gerry O’Brien Jr.
John and Rachele Oh
John and Kathy Opitz
John and Teresa Orlando
Josetta Owen
Benjamin And Madge Palumbo
Everett and Barbara Patocka
Stephen Silvia and Jennifer Paxton
Jack Person and Michelle Person
Irene Recio
John and Kellie Riley
Robert and Nana Rinehart
James and Blanche Riordan
Harry and Grace Rissetto
John and Victoria Salmon
Teresita Schaffer
Brian Schill and Elizabeth Schill
Rohan Sebastian
Scott Sherwood
Marie Shiels-Djouadi
Patrick Silva
Stephen Sinclair
Frances Spaeder
Joseph and Suzanne Spaniol
Michael and Mary Anne Stanton
Benjamin Pedersen and Jocelyn Starzak
Jane Stenson
Mary Sullivan
Mary Sutherland
Stephen and Marybeth Swad
Anthony and Anne Tambasco
Michael Terminello
Daniel and Laurel Todd
Melanne & Philip Verveer
Jay and Ginny Vinton
Laurie Wallace
Paul and Kelly Zegger


Published in the 12/10/23 Bulletin:

Ana Alvarez Bachand
Jim Arkedis
Guillermo Balfour
Kathryn Barnard
Marc and Emily Biondi
Judy and Clarke Brinckerhoff
James and Darlene Brown
Kevin Callanan
Joseph and Carol Corgan
Richard Cronin
Claire Cunningham
Caroline Devine
Joan Donahue
Dan and Ana Donovan
Marian Dowling
Robert Dubill
Michael and Allana Enright
James Ervin
Eileen Ferrell
Steven Flajser
John Flatley
Kathleen Flynn
Mary Pat Fox
Connie Francis
Mike Franzinger and Amalie Weber
Terry Gaitan
Susan Gajewski
Mary Ellen and John Gannon
Mary Ann Gill
John Golden
Walter Grazer
Michael Hanpeter
Nanette Henderson
Paul Homan
Brad James
Marty Kady
Carmel Kang
Colleen Kennedy
Ann Kenny
Paul and Pilar Kent
Ellen Kentz
Constance Kerwin
John Knebel
Kathleen Kovach
William Lewers
Jim Lose
Jeanne Lynch
Emmett Lynskey and Bethany Karwoski
Gary Lytle and Susan Bacon
Kevin and Sally Mackenzie
Bill Marshall and Amy Newman
Andrew and Lisa McCabe
Ken Meyers
Andrew Lewis and Melissa Morales
Ambrose and Nancy Murphy
Kevin and Elizabeth Murray
Seán Nolan
Timothy O’Neill
Larry and Pat O’Rourke
Nancy Oakes
William Oetgen
Mary Jo and Richard Parrino
Paolo Petacchi and Reining Chen
Arlene Pietranton
Nicole Romano
Eileen Romano
Kathleen Rooney
Ronald Ross III
Tom Ryan
Katie Scally
Tammi Smith
Katherine Thompson
John Tuck
Daphne and Don Wallace
Walter Webdale
Cecile Whitehead
Kirk and Jan Willison
Paul and Julie Wolfteich
Lauren Wolkov
Gerald Zingone


Published in the 12/17/23 Bulletin:

Peter Albert and Charlotte Mahoney
Daiva Balkus
Ellen Barlow
William and Gale Bentley
Mark and Camille Biros
Anne Black
Juan Blyde and Natalia Siniavskaia
John and Marianne Borelli
Kevin and Anne Boyce
Kevin and Anne Boyce
John and Amanda Brain
Michael and Rosann Brodie
Megan Buchheit
Lourdes Buenaventura
Peter Cullen and Sarah Buescher
Brock Landry and Diane Casey-Landry
Daniel Collins
John Corso and Marian Sullivan
William Coston and Barbara Carney-Coston
Sarah Courtney
Jeffrey and Cecilia Covel
Kimberly Cox
Mary Crawford and Brian Downie
Brian and Cait Crivella
Jim Cummins
Sara DeCarlo
John and Theresa DeGioia
Helen Desaulniers
James Dahlberg and Dierdre Donahue
Maureen Dowling
Tony Dresden
Gerry and Elizabeth Egan
Kitty Eisele
Anthony and Eileen Essaye
John and Jeanne Evans
John Facciola
Gary and Margaret Falwell
Dorothy Farley
John and Janie Feore
Gerald File
Peter and Elizabeth Forster
Ines Garcia
John George and Peter Maye
Robert Gillanders and Emilie Gillanders
Peter Greeves
Brian Grindall
Meredith & Ryan Hass
Charlie Hennessy
Robert Holman
Jan and Marie Horbaly
Charles and Amy Johanek
Barbara Jones
Bob and Leonore Jones
Andrew and Alexia Kelley/Klamon
Bette Land
Todd and Maureen Leventhal
John MacEachen
Joseph and Edna Mancias
Mary Mantho
Herb and Betty Martin
Abby Martin
Kevin and Kelly McShane
Russell Moss
Stephen and Carol Mournighan
Duane and Linda Nystrom
Cathleen Ann O’Brien
Christopher and Andrea O’Brien
Mary O’Connor
Ann O’Neil
Diane Oakley
John Healey and Carolyn Ostermann-Healey
Larry and Rose Mary Padberg
Joseph D’Amico and Amy Proft
Patrick and Deirdre Redington
Barbara Richter
Linda Rosecan
Robert Bachle and Gisele Saralegui
Cynthia Schneider
Heidi Settle and Mary Barron
James Shedel and Mary Wood
Andrew and Kristine Shih
Robin Smith
Trevor and Kate Stanley
Robert and Valerie Sutter
James and Janet Timbie
Adam & Kristin VanFossen
William and Ginny Voorhees
William Watts
William and Betsy Wieand
Marcia Wiss
Kathleen Woodward
Charles and Kay Zielinski


Published in the 12/31/23 Bulletin:

Steve and Cheryl Aubin
Guillermo Balfour
Daniel and Jessica Balserak
Kathryn Barnard
Maggie Booz
Caitlyn Borghi
Steve Brock and Alison Tillery-Brock
Vanessa Buchko
Anthony Buckley
Patrick and Donna Butler
Kevin Callanan
John and Abigail Carroll
John and Macaire Carroll-Gavula
Stephen and Molly Cashin
Mike and Attiya Celli
Bernard and Rosemary Cook
Cristina Cooper
Claire Cunningham
Beth Davenport
Caroline Devine
Antonio and Manela Diez
Robert Ewald and Clare Doherty
Doug Dolan
Kay Frances Dolan
Greg and Kelly Doolan
Marian Dowling
Robert Dubill
Thomas Dunigan and Lisa Kuhn
John and Kristina Dunne
Kevin Edgar
Duane and Sharon Ekedahl
James Ervin
Colleen Evale
Tom and Sylwia Favret
James and Rachel Fenton
Eileen Ferrell
Steven Flajser
Patrick and Jacqueline Flanagan
John Flatley
Stephen Flott
Kathleen Flynn
Joyce Forrest
Mike and Christine Frost
Mary Ann Gill
Geoff and Danielle Giulino
John Golden
Walter Grazer
Angelo and Jeanne Grima
Joan Guilfoyle
Michael Hanpeter
John and Evelyn Haught
Catherine Heinhold
Nanette Henderson
Paul Homan
Kristin Hosmer
Thomas Hughes
Christopher and Melanie Idler
Brad James
Marie Johnson
Marty Kady
Carmel Kang
Philip Keefer and Vera Erdmann-Keefer
Kathleen Keenan
Thomas Kelly
Colleen Kennedy
Ann Kenny
Ellen Kentz
Connie Kerwin
John Knebel
Susan Kral
Anne LaFond
Stephen and Deborah LeNard
William Lewers
Nancy Eisold Lindsay
Jeanne Lynch
Mark MacDougall
Michael and Kelly Malesardi
Luisa Marsteller
Dan and Sarah McLaren
Kevin and Mary McLean
John Metzler
Ken Meyers
Robert and Dorothy Miller
Georgetown Monastery
Caryle Murphy
Terry and Lara Nealon
Ted and Megan Newton
Timothy O’Neill
Nancy Oakes
Daniel OBrien
Bernadette ODonoghue
William Oetgen
Paulo Oliveira and Marina Couto
Mike and Debbie Onufrychuk
Arlene Pietranton
Ulises Pin and Cristina Torres-Garcia
Paul and Kathy Ravenscroft
Zach and Susan Reed
Daniel and Alicia Ritchie
Tom Ryan
Jon and Mary Sanford
Kenneth Santora and Bridget O’Connor
Cindy Shuster
Shannon Smith
Tammi Smith
Duane and Maria Snyder
Jerry and Carolyn Stueve
Elizabeth and Fernando Suarez
Katherine Thompson
John Tuck
Donna Turner
Thomas Mulherin and Tracy Villecco
Walter Webdale
Cecile Whitehead
Marcus and Deborah Wilkes
Thomas and Nancy Woodley
Gerald Zingone


Published in the 1/07/24 Bulletin:

Jay Albanese and Leslie King
Austin and Cathy Acocella
Tom and KC Aiello
Katie Annulli
Julia and Brian Bataille
Grace Bateman
Susan Baumel
Patricia Bell
Morton and Grace Bender
Gilbert and Madeleine Bloom
Michael and Clare Bonsignore
Barbara Bordelon
John and Sylvia Briley
Graham and Elizabeth Brock
Joel Kleinman and Mary-Patrice Brown
Joan Brown
Barbara Browning
Janet Bullinger
Robert and Kathleen Burke
Frank and Fran Butler
William and Kathleen Butler
Mary Cahill
Jim Carr
Virginia Carruthers
Mac and Kathleen Cauley
Charles and Jean Cecil
Michael Stoto and Rosemary Chalk
Ellen Mccarthy and Charles Howell
Patricia Cloonan
Octavio Colominas
Amy Connelly
Kevin and Marilyn Connors
Bernie and Jennifer Cook
Denis Cotter
Corey Crowley and Molly Barron
Michaela Culhane
Peter Cullen and Sarah Buescher
Nick and Pat Damico
Mary Davis
Scott and Carolyn Dean
Jorg and Anja Decressin
Thomas and Ronda Dever
Kevin Doherty
Stephen and Shannon Donachie
Chris Donahue
Patrick Doyle
Tim and Lara Doyle
Elizabeth Dugan
Donald and Ann Duggan
Joseph and Barbara Edmondson
Miguel and Patricia McCabe
Richard and Patricia Evans
Julia Filan
Kerry Flanagan
Michael Flanagan and Jocelyn Dyer
Roger and Patricia Fleming
Steven Fondriest
Lee and Sue Foreman
John and Marilyn Foust
William and Jeanne Franklin
Sara Lee Franko
Jason Freihage and Elizabeth Bacon
Frank and Mary Frost
Mary and Brendan Furlong
Brian Coyne and Maureen Garde
David and Jane Gasda
Christopher and Molly Gaston
Harry and Alma Gates
Brian and Heather Gilbert
Mike and Kristina Gill
Deborah Glamb
Christina Golubski
Allan and Collette Goodman
Tracey and Beth Gray
Amy Gross
Carol Gross
Gloria Guba
Michael and Mary Ellen Guerra
Alexander and Anne Haig
Bill and Barbara Hannigan
Jack Harllee
Monique Helfrich
James Hennessey
David and Margaret Hensler
Francis and Lynda Horvath
Dale House
Dan Howley and Kathleen Ruane
Jacqueline Hudson
Chuck and Julie Ingoglia
Sharon and William Jarrott
George and Jean Johnson
Rick and Diane Johnston
Michael and Patricia Kaas
Maura Kahn
Brian and Olivia Kane
John and Janice Kane
Michael and Carol Kelleher
Anne Marie Kelly
Carol Anne and Robert Kelly
Harold and Margaret Kennedy
Bob Delaney and Susan Keogh
John and Marcia Keppel
Eleanor Kilcline
Jim and Mary Koltes
Jonathan and Anne Margaret Ladewig
Charles Lahey
Gary and Montserrat Lau
Damian and Joan Leader
David Leahy
David and Molly Leahy
Mary Beth & Dave Levie
Albert and Doris Lindquist
Dennis and Pam Lucey
Gary and Susan Lytle
Dan and Suzanne MacDougall
Barbara Macken
Gina Mahony
Denise M. Malone
Bruno Manno and Maria Elena Vejarano
Daniel Masis
William and Carol Maxwell
Maureen McAvey
Elia Garcia McComie
Paul and Carol McCormack
Celine McGowan
John and Patricia Clay/McQuaid
Andres Mendez and Isabelle Guichard
Gregory and Mehrnaz Millwater
Mary Beth Murphy
Chris Mohr and Megan Murphy
Ryan and Katherine Murphy
Cono and Frances Namorato
Diana & John Negroponte
Rita Norton
Catherine O’Brien
Michael O’Connell
Jim O’Connell
Beth O’Connell
Robert and Elena Olson
Benjamin and Magdalene Palumbo
Christopher Barr and Patricia Jayne
Patricia Paulette
John and Lynn Pelkey
Ann Marie Peters
Yancy and Jane Phillips
Douglas Pielmeier and Beth Cvrkel
Andre and Carol Pineda
Robert and Janine Plant
John and Mary Podesta
Ray and Alice Pushkar
Mary Quinn
Eugene Rainis
Gregory and Elizabeth Raymond
Steven Ruhe
John and Nadine Salameh
Anne Schiff
Guillermo and Cecilia Schultz
James Selzer
Leah and Julius Shapiro
George and Nancy Shashaty
Thomas Sheedy
Marylou Sheils
Mary Shields
Nancee Simonson
James and Holly Smith
Mary Smoak
Dennis Smyth and Eileen Moore
Joanne Spahn
Kathy Stack
Jay Stephens
Douglas and Karen Stewart
Kirsten Stoddard and Megan Moakler
Bob and Mary Stump
Kevin and Nell Sullivan
Greg and Sue Super
David and Martha Swanson
Carol Taylor
Andre and Marie-Claude Terrot
Joe and Karen Timpone
Mike and Julia Torrey
Alexa Verveer
Christine Villa
George and Joan Walsh
Rupert Welch and Elizabeth Donnelly
Alison Wescott
Bob Wiggers and Gwen Bole
Steve and Margaret Wilkins
Michael Wroblewski
John and Nancy Yanish


Published in the 1/14/24 Bulletin:

Mary Arden Batch
Jerome and Sarah Bosken
John and Angie Bradshaw
Eric Bruce and Kimball Wood
Daniel and Hannah Buchholz
Peter Cafiero
Jane Hughes Carlson
James and Sara Carroll
Jim and Kathleen Cavanaugh
Margaret Cekuta
Charles Clark and Patricia Franco
Kevin and MaryBeth Conry
Eileen Curran
Dante Cutrona
Michael and Susan Devine
Frank and Janice Dicello
Siobhan Dugan
Gerry and Elizabeth Egan
Patricia Falconi-Morris
Anne Finley
Richard Fischer
Karen Fitzgibbon
Gloria Flanagan
Stephen Flott Fran O’Brien
Brett Frazier & Anne Steckel Frazier
Frank and Mary Frost
Scott and Danielle Garten
Jeff and Donna Gathers
Jay and Maria Ghazal
Michael and Jennifer Gillman
Dan and Michele Gunther
Carlos and Edi Gutierrez
Ann Marie Guzzi
Kevin and Christine Haggerty
Matthew Hamilton
James Symons and Sheila Harrington
Joseph and Carol Hassett
James and Elizabeth Hastings
Arthur and Margaret Heimbold
Herb Howe
Walter “Trip” and Christine Howell
R Scott and Maureen Hughes
John and Jacqueline Hunt
Jerald and Janice Jacobs
Daniel Moon and Jisun Jeong
Tony and Beth Johnson
Phil Johnston
George and Elizabeth Jones
Frances Kane
Mary Kelly
Doug and Leah Kramer
Michael Kresse
Gary and Jeanne LaBella
Richard Landfield
Jennifer Lang
Karl Pucher and Nadine Leisz
Declan and Lori Leonard
Carolyn Long
Christopher Lucey and Katie Jack
Tim and Kathryn Luwis
John and Rosemary Lyon
Bruno Manno & Elena Vejarano
Dan Matthews
Edward and Tessa McBride
Catherine McCormick
Phillip and Maria McLean
Helen McNeill
Nadin Medellin
Pat Milton
Robert Mulderig and Karen Garman
John and Mary Murphy
Steve and Lori Murphy
Catherine Niehaus
John Page
Nicole Penn
Steve and Anne Perry
Lee-Lee Prina
Marie Raber
Margaux Radano
Jeff and Olga Rasmussen
Dennis and Elise Reeder
Mliss Reingruber
Jim Riddel
Mark and Andrea Riedy
Richard and Anne Rodgers
Ineta Russo
Robert and Elizabeth Ruyak
Ed Ryan
Michael and Carol Scott
Matt and Allison Shay
Frank Sikorsky and Paula Wypych
Brenna Sparks and Patrick Bonsignore
Mary Spearing
Agatha Tomasik
Antonio Tovar and Rosana Resende
Harvey and Kristen Trimble
Enrique and Kathryn Villa
William and Patricia Walsh
Francis and Julie Warin
Dennis and Cecilia Wraase
Bernard Skibinski and Denise Zavagno
Anne W. Zim


Published in the 1/21/24 Bulletin:

Keith Abouchar and Jane Sung
Robert Asselin
James Ball
Russel and Ann Bantham
Joanne Barrett
Kathleen Bashian
John Buckley and Jane Genster
Jonathan Sanders and Sandra Callier
Marie Pinak Carr
Robert Mazziotta and Donna Cassata
Susan Crawford
Liz & Brian Cummings
John Czajka and Meg McCarthy
DiGiacomo Household
James Donahue
Christopher Downey
Brian and Katie Fallon
Don and Mary Jo Frickel
Ted and Elisa Geier
Janet Gill
John Grau and Kristine Sweeney
Mauricio Gutierrez
Dana Hawley
Elizabeth Hughes
Mary Jacobson
Bob and Leonore Jones
Leon and Mary Ellen Kaplan
Sarah Kern
Patrick Kerrigan and Kathy Kerrigan
Edward and Grace Anne Koppel
Joseph Kraemer
Todd and Elizabeth Kushner
David Leahy
Stephen Mostow and Pamela Mahony
Jean-Philippe Beauvois and Djenane Marchand Beauvois
Constance McDonald
John and Kathleen McMackin
Joannes and Sandra Mongardini
Miguel and Jennifer Monteverde
Cristina Moreno
Kevin and Janel Mulvihill
Paul Muroyama and Janet Hunziker
William and Barbara Myslinski
Tina and Mike Namian
Caitlin O’Brien
Blair O’Connell
R.K. Pham
Patti Prince
Robert and Margaret Pruszkowski
Patrick and Rosalinda Raher
Susan Reilly
Henry Richardson and Mary Challinor
Edward Ryan and Mary Catherine Malone
Anne Sari
Patricia Scolaro
Bob and Phoebe Sharkey
Louis and Janet Silvano
Jim and Linda Slattery
Douglas and Karen Stewart
Bob and Mary Stump
Carl and Jean Sylvester
Carlos and Carolyn Videla
Jill Ann Viggiano
Daniel and Lara Walt
Glenn Yarborough


Published in the 1/28/24 Bulletin:

Kieran Adamson
Rose Avent
Robb and Jill Board
John Bonello
Tate Cantrell and Sylvia Leimone
Carol Caparosa
Sean Gabaree and Caroline Porter
Colleen Gartin
Eugene Giannini
Mary Anne Goley
Jim and Mary Goodyear
Ann Gorton
Gene Lin and TinhVan Diep Lin
Anne Linton
Clam and Amy Lorenz
Greg Lowman
Jim and Susan Martin
C. Marshall Mills and Michelle O’Neill
Alan Mitchell and Julia Lamm
Robert and Catherine O’Sullivan
Don Ogden
Joseph Olchefske and Judy Bunnell
George and Kate O’Malley/Pappas
Tom and Courtney Perna
Siga Rastonis
Robert Reklaitis and Patricia Maher
Vince and Mimi Sheehy
Nancy Skonberg
Abby Sprinkle
Trevor and Kate Stanley
Brendan and Lila Sullivan
David and Beth Taylor
Linda Wiessler-Hughes and Michael Hughes
Stephanie Wimmer
Wendy Woods-Pallett


Published in the 2/4/24 Bulletin:

Thomas and Margaret Adams
Chiara Alvisi
Michael and Suzanne Bartholf
John and Angie Bradshaw
Joseph and Judith Brusseau
Mark Consilvio and Beth Wittschen
Joe and Kasey Crowley
Sara De Carlo
Anne Dhanda
Susan Donovan
Geoffrey and Denise Eaton
Peter and Kittie Fitzgerald
Jim and Jen Fitzpatrick
John Buckley and Jane Genster
Judith Gilbert
Jim and Mary Goodyear
Andrew and Jennifer Graser
Noel Greene
Russell and Alicia Hines
Thomas and Martha Hogan
Richard and Catherine Holohan
Matthew Kaiser and Jennifer Quigley
Maura and Joe Kantakevich
David Galbo Kate Wolf Galbo
Victor Splan and Patrice Kelly
James and Melinda Kimble
Carol Langelier
Terry Lavoie
Mark MacDougall and Anne Johannessen
Joseph Mansour and Samantha Dorsey
Kate Maxwell-Baker
Margaret Mayer
Joan Moody
Bill and Joyce O’Brien
Jim and Katie O’Hara
Emily Pellegrino
Paul Rauch
Peter Sands
Thomas Sawyer and Deirdre Donnelly
Edward and Joanne Springer
Eustachio and Camilla Tortorelli
Brendan and Liz Walsh
Robert Welp and Carmel Martin



Further Pledges – Updated 3/22/24:

Miguel and Catarina Alves
Alan Askew and Maria Colbert
Jim Baumgardner
Molly Bayer
Becker Household
Jack and Teresa Bennett
Mary Bennett
Wolfgang Bergthaler and Teresa Faria
David and Catherine Bohigian
Sean Bradley and Alix Tanico
Kelly Brammer
James and Clare Breglio
Matthew and Angela Buchanan
Jorge and Silvia Campana
Joseph Caracuel
Daniel Cardinali and Scott Mitchell
John Carroll and Abigail Keller
Allen Carroll and Marjorie Hunt
Mary Carter
Dave and Arlene Christian
Brian and Lucy Conboy
Sean and Alicia Cook
Thomas and Elizabeth Corwin
Ed and Mary Curvey
Richard Kjeldgaard and Joan Darby
Cornelius and Kathy Davies
Joseph and Emilie Deady
Victor and Karen DeSantis
Antonio Diez
Colleen Donovan
Dwight Gibbs and Amanda Dory
Belle Brent Duchin
Patrick Falvey
Emmett and Peggy Fenlon
Jim and Kate Garland
Jack and Christine Giraudo
John and Kathleen Gorman
Richard and Cathy Hotvedt
Phyllis Hughes
Robert and Siobhan Johansson
Carter Keithley
Jason and Christine Kelleher
Kenneth and Kathleen Kraft
Frank and Tina Lacey
Roger and JoAnn Lang
Kevin and Rachel Lawlor
Paul Nunley and Caitlin Leach
Paul and Barbara Lilly
Aloysius and Genevieve Llamzon
Lee Eric and Ruth Lorico
Ellen Lynch
Joseph and Emily Lucco
Kirk and Phyllis Manhardt
Charles and Patricia McGee
Jason and Renee Meath
Kathleen Mellody
Cailin Monahan
Miguel and Susan Monteverde
Diane Nemeth
Jade Newburn
Margaret Nielsen
Gregory and Bridget Nikodem
David and Jill Nolton
Ann O’Neil
Ginny Oehler
Christopher Palmer
Dolores Pfeffer
Paulette Pidcock
Janelle Poldy
John and Laura Przypyszny
Andrew and Suzanne Publicover
Judith Ringle
Clarisa Ringlien
Matthew and Stephanie Rosini
Yvonne Sayres
Robert and Ellen Shafer
J. Michael Smolinske and Stephanie Ly
Peter Sorrentino
William Steyn and Susan Janec
Francis and Amanda Tirol/Gilman
Francis and Amanda Tirol/Gilman
Victoria Bell
Thomas and Elizabeth Walsh
Caroline Walsh
James Walton and Eileen Albanese
Keith and Susan Watson
John Paul and Christine Winchester
Aden Worku