Sponsors/Prayer Partners

Parish sponsors accompany the catechumens in the process of conversion and faith formation as companions on the journey. They support the catechumens with prayer and their own witness to the Christian way of life. They engage in thoughtful conversations with the catechumens, listening deeply to the catechumens as they grow in faith. And they stand with the catechumens at the liturgical rites that mark the various stages of the path towards initiation, at times affirming the catechumens’ readiness for the next phase of their preparation and ultimately, for baptism.

Equally important are the sponsors who accompany those who are already baptized and seeking full communion with the Catholic Church. These sponsors provide similar support, and further, they reflect with the candidates on the meaning of baptism and about what it means to live the Christian life in the Catholic tradition.

Serving as a sponsor not only fulfills a necessary ministry envisioned by the RCIA, but it is also an incredibly enriching experience for parishioners who respond to this invitation. If you want to learn more about what is involved in serving as an RCIA sponsor, please contact Anne Koester at akoester@trinity.org.

The Role of Parish Prayer Partners

While “prayer partner” is not found in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults as a particular ministry, it is an additional way for the parish community to be engaged in the RCIA and support our catechumens preparing for baptism and our baptized candidates seeking full communion with the Catholic Church. Prayer partners are asked to accompany an individual catechumen or candidate on his/her faith journey through prayer. Prayer partners will also be encouraged to send their assigned catechumen or candidate an occasional note of support. They will also be invited to the liturgical rites that will be celebrated with their catechumen or candidate as part of the process of initiation into the Catholic Church.

Please contact Anne Koester at akoester@trinity.org, if you are interested in serving as a prayer partner.