Ignatian Spirituality Resources

Prayer Apps and Websites

Click on these images to explore these Ignatian websites dedicated to helping you pray. Each site includes links to that ministry's apps on Google Play (Android) and Apple App (iOS) stores. Each app guides you in a slightly different Ignatian way of praying. Some of the guided meditations last about 12 minutes, while others invite you to go at your own pace.

A daily podcast guided meditation lasting between ten and thirteen minutes. It combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection. Click "About" to find similar podcasts in other languages.


A daily guided session of prayer, in six stages, including preparing your body and mind, and culminating in reflection on a scripture passage chosen specially for the day. Available in 26 languages.


A peaceful daily prayer experience that helps you re-connect with God, re-center your day, and relax, wherever you are. Also find it on Google Play and the App Store. Available in English and Spanish.


Reimagining the Examen offers various versions of the Examen, based on St. Ignatius’s 500-year-old prayer. Each one guides you through a stimulating reflection on your day, helping you invite God into your nitty-gritty. 

Houses offering retreats in the Ignatian tradition

Loyola on the Potomac          Jesuit Spiritual Center
Faulkner, MD                        Wernersville, PA

Loyola House of Retreats      Eastern Point Retreat
Morristown, NJ                     Gloucester, MA

Ignatius Jesuit Center           Ignatius House
Guelph, ON Canada               Atlanta, GA

More Retreat Centers

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Rummaging for God:
Praying Backward Through Your Day

Dennis Hamm, S.J.

Easing Into Contemplation:
A Conversation with James Martin, S.J.

Sean Salai, S.J. 

The Deepest Desire
Margaret Silf 

Why Do You Pray?
William A. Barry, S.J.

Does God Communicate with Me?
William A. Barry, S.J.

How Do I Know It's God?
William A. Barry, S.J.

A Friend in God
William A. Barry, S.J.

The Good Thief
Bill Kelley, S.J.

A service of Loyola Press, offering Ignatian 
resources from Jesuit and Ignatian sources
from around the world

Grace Enough 
Andrew Garfield on the Ignatian journey
that led him through 'Silence'
Brendan Busse, S.J. in America

'America' Contemplates 'Silence'
Reflections and interviews about the book
and film and their relationship to faith, 
moral questions, and Ignatian Spirituality

On God's Holy Mountain
This bulletin series by parishioner Roger
Sullivan explores how we might seek to 
live in peace in these tumultuous times.

Lenten Reflections on Love
This bulletin series by Roger Sullivan 
explores how "God is love" and how God
invites us to love.