Movie Moments of Grace

Come together on Friday evenings on Zoom to discuss contemporary films (viewed ahead of time on your own), engaging in small groups about how the film engaged us as human beings at a deep emotional level. In the tradition of Ignatian Spirituality, reflection on this affective response can be a rich source of spiritual insight and self-discovery. The heart of any drama is the moral decisions that face central characters. How characters respond to their challenges, and how we react to the way we respond to the characters, can provide grist for a salutary reflection on our own behavior and our desires to grow as integrated human beings. All are welcome! For further information and to RSVP (by 10pm the Thursday before the discussion), please email

Summer 2021 Online Season

June 25, 2021

August 13, 2021

Truman (2005)

Film TBA

Since this season’s discussions are Zoom based, films are watched in private ahead of time.  Here are two important tips:

1.)  To find the full range of streaming options for any of these films, go to

2.)  Be aware that anyone with a library card can access the FREE streaming service Kanopy.   We urge you to SIGN UP NOW for your library’s Kanopy service.  (Available in all local jurisdictions except Fairfax County.  Fairfax County residents  can avail themselves of the regional coordination that allows them to obtain library cards in adjoining Virginia jurisdictions.)