Principium is an Ignatian lay formation program designed to deepen our understanding and practice of the spirituality that inspires the mission at Holy Trinity. We invite all our current parish lay leaders and those who are drawn to serve the parish, perhaps in the future, to engage the Ignatian tradition by studying key Jesuit texts; encountering an Ignatian way of praying, and reflecting on being called to serve.

Principium will be offered at the beginning of 2022. Please contact Catherine Heinhold, Pastoral Associate for Ignatian Spirituality & Prayer, at for more information.

*Principium is the Latin word for ‘First Principle’, and refers to the Principle and Foundation found at the outset of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. For Ignatius, the Principle and Foundation expresses the essence of our human journey to and with God. Principium lays the foundation for our lay leaders to adopt Jesuit ways of proceeding as they work to further the mission of the parish, that is, living the Gospel with the mind and heart of Christ.

A six-session Ignatian lay formation program designed for parish leaders. Facilitated by Catherine Heinhold and Fr. Bill Woody, SJ.

When: Saturdays, January 8 & 22, February 5 & 26, March 12 & 26, 2022 from 9:00 – 11:00 AM.

Where: In person at the parish center or online (TBD)

Why: Our hope is that each person will experience a deeper connection to the Ignatian tradition, so as to inform and guide the countless ways we are called to love and serve our parishioners and others.

How: We will read and discuss Jesuit documents that will: introduce us to the life of St. Ignatius Loyola, assist in the development of a discerning heart, encourage a deeper understanding of living a faith that does justice, and help to identify the characteristics of a Jesuit parish. Silence and an Ignatian way of praying and reflecting will be an integral part of the program each morning.

2020 participants’ comments about Principium:

“This is a program that grows deeper connections between Trinity and between your own relationship with God. It forms community and it poses important questions, while allowing ample time for prayer, reflection, and listening to others experiences.”

“It gave me insight and depth of prayer that I hadn’t experienced before. Combining the intellectual with the spiritual (how very Ignatian) was the perfect way to grow in my faith in a way I didn’t fully realize I was hungry for. I am looking forward to thinking through my what’s nexts for this.”

“A deeper understanding of the origins & thrust of Ignatian Spirituality & how to take it into my own life. Deeper understanding of the scope and aims of Jesuit parish ministry.”

“The Zoom session worked VERY well. I was quite skeptical, either that the technology would fail or that the spirituality and sense of community would be lost. The opposite was true. The experience is not the same as gathering in a physical room, of course, but there were unexpected benefits. For example, seeing everyone’s face at once in ‘gallery’ setting let me see the group’s responses all at once — nods of silent affirmation, an array of unspoken ‘amens.'”