Principium is an Ignatian lay formation program designed to deepen our understanding and practice of the spirituality that inspires the mission at Holy Trinity. We invite all our current parish lay leaders and those who are drawn to serve the parish, perhaps in the future, to engage the Ignatian tradition by studying key Jesuit texts; encountering an Ignatian way of praying and reflecting on being called to serve.

Principium will be offered at the beginning of 2021. Please contact Catherine Heinhold, Pastoral Associate for Ignatian Spirituality & Prayer, at if you are interested in participating.

*Principium is the Latin word for ‘First Principle’, and refers to the Principle and Foundation found at the outset of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. For Ignatius, the Principle and Foundation expresses the essence of our human journey to and with God. Principium lays the foundation for our lay leaders to adopt Jesuit ways of proceeding as they work to further the mission of the parish, that is, living the Gospel with the mind and heart of Christ.

Past participants’ comments about Principium:

“Leaders of the parish all share the same foundation and vision – personally enriched my spiritual life.”

“Very valuable in deepening understanding of what a Jesuit parish means. Increased awareness of individual parishioner’s role not only in receiving gifts but also in contributing to its mission.”

“It has been nine years since I first completed the Exercises. I did not think this program would be that useful, however, it was a great refresher.”

“A refreshing combination of intellectual, spiritual and practical knowledge and application of Ignatian spirituality. It rejuvenated both my personal prayer life and gave new perspective on my ministry.”