The Ignatian Year

May 20, 2021 — July 31, 2022

Declaration of the Ignatian Year for Our Parish

From our Pastor, Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J., and the Parish Pastoral Council:

Five hundred years ago, the man who would become known as St. Ignatius of Loyola was hit in the legs by a cannonball at the battle of Pamplona. This devastating event sparked a process of conversion as Ignatius' eyes were slowly opened to see all things new in Christ. To mark this anniversary, we, the Pastor and Parish Pastoral Council of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, declare an Ignatian Year for our parish starting on May 20, 2021 (the anniversary of the battle of Pamplona) and ending on the Feast of St. Ignatius, July 31, 2022. We take this step in concert with declarations of the Ignatian Year made by Father General Arturo Sosa, S.J., by the Jesuits East USA province, and in concert with Jesuit ministries around the world. We encourage parish ministries to focus their work over the next year through the lens of “seeing all things new in Christ.” We invite all parishioners and community members to respond to God’s call to deeper conversion, to engage more deeply with the Universal Apostolic Preferences, to recognize and reflect on personal “cannonball moments,” and to truly “see all things new in Christ.”

Ignatian Year Upcoming Events

Implementing the Laudato Si’ Action Platform: Ignatian Style!
This spring, the Vatican launched the Laudato Si’ Action Platform (LSAP), embarking the global Church on a journey towards integral ecology and total sustainability over the next seven years. In honor of this launch and the Ignatian Year, the Ignatian Solidarity Network invites you to join Renewing the Earth: Living Laudato Si’ in the Year of Ignatius. Find companions on the journey as we begin to implement the action platform in the spirit of St. Ignatius. Each month, you’ll receive an email with opportunities to learn, pray, act, and connect with others around one of the LSAP goals through the lens of Ignatian Spirituality as we celebrate the Ignatian Year. Learn more and sign up.

Holy Trinity Ignatian Year Ministry Fair
Saturday, September 11 and September 12th

After all Sunday Masses (including the Saturday Vigil)
Parish Center Courtyard

Our parish community gathers to share its gifts! Staff and parishioners involved in our parish ministries will be present with information about Ignatian spirituality, social justice and service, religious education and adult faith formation, liturgy and music, as well as social events -- and avenues for you to participate. Explore the Jesuit Universal Apostolic Preferences and the ways our ministries offer opportunities for all to "see all things new in Christ."

Day of Prayer: A Time to Grieve, a Time to Hope
Saturday, November 6
9am - 3pm
Registration information to be announced by the end of September
St Ignatius invites us to “see all things new in Christ.” This invitation can include every human experience, including the experience of grieving. The time of Covid-19 has given us many reasons to grieve, that is, to acknowledge the pain of loss. It can be the loss of a loved one, an associate at work or school, a close friend, or an acquaintance. We also grieve the loss of something important in our lives: our job, our home, financial security, health, the celebration of special events. Grieving is both a human and a spiritual experience, allowing God’s healing grace to touch us. This Day of Prayer will offer two presentations on grieving, with time for reflection, prayer, and conversation. Led by Fr. Jim Wallace and the Redemptorist Team for Evangelization and Parish Missions. Contact Catherine Heinhold at with questions.

A Prayer for the Ignatian Year

A prayer to celebrate the Ignatian Year from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States

God of all people,

You were there when the cannonball shattered the leg of St. Ignatius, shattered his dreams, and shattered what he assumed his life would be. Even in a moment of pain and uncertainty, doubt and darkness, you spoke to Ignatius a word of peace and light. You showed him the path to you and the person he might become.

We may not be soldiers, standing in the path of a literal cannonball. And yet, we’ve been hit all the same. Cannonballs shatter our own hopes and dreams and expectations.

Like Ignatius, may we hear the compassionate voice of your Son in the aftermath of these cannonball blasts. May we seek the face of Christ even when our dreams are shattered. May we turn and follow Jesus with the courage it takes to change and grow.

As we journey through this Ignatian Year, may we be shown the path to you, God of all people, and live out our vocation, becoming the person you have invited us to be. Give us the grace to work for reconciliation every day: with you, with others and with your creation. Open our eyes so we might see all things new in Christ.


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