Fund Designations

When making a gift or paying a fee, it is important to designate the purpose so that we can properly process it. Some methods like our online giving system will automatically designate the transaction based on which payment form you use and how you fill out the form. If you're using a manual payment method like a check or directing your financial institution to transmit funds to us, you will need to provide the designation in some manner. In the case of checks, you would write it in the memo line. Other methods almost always have a place to provide a memo or note. Please refer to the various Ways to Give information pages on our website for specifics.

Our website, emails and newsletters will usually instruct you on the proper designation terminology to provide. Common designations are listed below. If you are unsure of the proper designation please contact the director of the ministry or activity or

Examples of Common Designations Provided with Manual Payment Methods

  • Offertory
  • Pledge year of pledge - For example, "Pledge2020" or "Pledge2021". If we are processing a check designated as just "Pledge" during the summer, we will process that as a current year pledge gift. However if it is during the winter, whether it's December or January, we won't know if the gift is for your current year pledge or, for tax purposes, you are making an early/late payment on the next/previous year's pledge. It's best to provide the pledge year as well.
  • HTS Annual - Holy Trinity School's annual fund.
  • RE x students - When paying for Sunday Morning RE enrollment by check, write this on the memo line where x is the number of students. If you are including payment of the Confirmation Prep fee include + x Confirmations where x is the number of Confirmation candidates. If you are a catechist, add (catechist). For example, RE 2 students + 1 Confirmation would tell us you are paying the enrollment fee for two RE students as well as the Confirmation Prep fee for one of them.
  • Thanksgiving - A holiday gift to the parish.
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive - A gift to the Social Justice program to provide Thanksgiving dinners to those in need.
  • Christmas - A holiday gift to the parish.
  • Giving Tree - A gift to the Social Justice program to provide Christmas gifts to those in need.