Youth Confirmation Preparation Program

Holy Trinity's Youth Confirmation Program strives to prepare youth to be a disciple in community through liturgy, words, experiences, and actions.

Generally, youth begin preparation in 7th grade, and they are confirmed in the spring of their 8th grade year. The purpose of intentionally beginning the preparation process two years out is to encourage youth to begin to understand how they can respond to God’s call to holiness in their lives. This understanding is a part of a journey, and we are invited to walk with the youth as they develop a more intimate union with Christ and a deeper familiarity of their God-given gifts.

Youth who wish to be confirmed at Holy Trinity are expected to consistently attend Sunday Mass, as well as Sunday-morning RE classes or formal Catholic schooling. Also, they are required to take part in the Confirmation preparation program and complete a service component.

To learn more about the preparation requirements for 7th grade, click here.

To learn more about the preparation requirements for 8th grade, click here.

Registration Requirements

Before registering your child to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at Holy Trinity, please consider the following:

  • Have they been baptized in the Catholic Church?
  • Have they been enrolled for at least two years at (including the current school year):
    • A parish school?
    • An independent Catholic school?
    • A religious education program?
  • Have they completed the Confirmation preparation requirements for 7th grade?
  • Are they willing and able to commit to full participation in a Confirmation preparation program?
  • Have they carefully considered who will be their sponsor?

How to Register

Registration is only for children who wish to be confirmed in the coming year. Registering for sacramental preparation is separate from religious education registration.

  1. Register your child for sacramental preparation in MyOwnChurch. (Note: this step does not complete your enrollment.)
  2. Complete the supplemental information form for each child. This form is required in order to collect additional information not provided in your MyOwnChurch account.
  3. Complete the registration payment online. ($100) If you pay by check, please mail your payment to Holy Trinity Catholic Church c/o Youth Ministry (3513 N Street NW, Washington, DC 20007).

Volunteering with Confirmation Preparation

If you are an adult and interested in volunteering with Youth Confirmation preparation, please email Rebecca.

If you are interested in being on the high school Peer Ministry Team to assist with Youth Confirmation preparation, please complete the Peer Ministry application.


Rebecca Hoesterey, Coordinator of Youth Ministry