Youth Confirmation Preparation Program

Holy Trinity's Youth Confirmation Program strives to prepare young people to be a disciples of Jesus Christ through a deeper knowledge of the Catholic faith, liturgy, action, and prayer.

Generally, youth begin preparation in 7th grade and are confirmed in the spring of their 8th grade year. The purpose of intentionally beginning the preparation process two years out is to encourage youth to begin to understand how they can respond to God’s call for holiness in their lives. This understanding is a part of a journey, and we are accompanying youth as they develop a more intimate union with Christ and a deeper familiarity of their God-given gifts.

To learn more about preparation for 7th grade, click here.

To learn more about preparation for 8th grade, click here.


Anne Marie Kaufmann, Pastoral Associate of Faith Formation



Prior to registering your child to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at Holy Trinity, please consider the following:

    • Has your child been baptized in the Catholic Church? If your child was baptized in a different faith tradition, please email Rebecca.
    • Has he or she been enrolled in one of the following programs for both the 7th and 8th grade year?
      • A Catholic school?
      • A Catholic parish religious education program?
    • 8th Grade: Has he or she completed the Confirmation preparation requirements for the previous year?
    • Is he or she willing and able to commit to full participation in a Confirmation preparation program?


7th Grade: Please note that registration for Confirmation preparation is not required until the 8th grade year.

8th Grade: If your child is interested in being confirmed at Holy Trinity in Spring 2023, please note:

    • If an 8th grade student attends Holy Trinity School or another Catholic school, please register for Confirmation preparation. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on registering for Confirmation.
    • If an 8th grade student attends a public school or a non-Catholic private school, please register for religious education at Holy Trinity and Confirmation preparation. Registration for religious education may be found here.
    • Attendance at a Catholic school or registration for religious education does not mean your student is automatically registered for Confirmation preparation.

Volunteering with Confirmation Preparation

If you are an adult and interested in volunteering with youth Confirmation preparation, or a high school student interested in serving on the Peer Ministry Team, please email Anne Marie.