Ignatian Spirituality and Prayer

As a Jesuit-sponsored parish, we invite you to explore, encounter, and engage a 450 year old tradition that is Ignatian spirituality. Explore: the autobiography of Ignatius Loyola, invitations to pray in an Ignatian way, or a film that leads to self-discovery. Encounter: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the full Spiritual Exercises, or in a retreat in daily life. Engage: a faith that does justice by being in friendship with individuals who are living on the margins of society or freely give what you have received through one of our lay formation programs.

On God's Holy Mountain

Isaiah11  Isaiah 11 text

Given the momentous changes our country has experienced over the past several months, we offer a reflection on what it means to be on “God’s Holy Mountain,” as expressed by the prophet Isaiah... where God on his holy mountain is inviting his people and his creatures with seemingly opposite and even dangerous characteristics to live together in harmony. As humans we are not locked into a set of animal behaviors. We can learn to love our enemy, to reach out to the “other” who lives and operates differently than we do. We can appreciate that in God’s dream for our world we are invited to enter into dialogue with everyone, to create bridges that allow us to cross the chasms of our indifference and dislike, until we reach a place of commonality. 

We invite you on this journey of reconciliation where we truly appreciate what it is to live together on God’s Holy Mountain. Click to read and reflect upon God's Holy Mountain.

For more information about Ignatian Spirituality Retreats and Programs, contact:

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Pastoral Associate for Ignatian Spirituality

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Pastoral Assistant for Ignatian Programming