Pilgrimage to Our Past

History has a way of inspiring the telling of stories.  As our ancient ancestors knew so well, telling stories serves to bring people together, fosters shared understandings and promotes a sense of community. Our faith community at Holy Trinity in its three-century existence has more than a few stories. Beginning with the building of the Chapel of Saint Ignatius in 1794, the history of this parish has been a long and grace-filled one. As we commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Holy Trinity School and the 225th Anniversary of our first Mass at Holy Trinity, we will provide a monthly publication recounting some of the stories that comprise our parish's amazing history.

There are indeed many stories to be read and told.  Did you ever hear the story of when President Abraham Lincoln, while attending the funeral for a union general, was reprimanded for wearing his hat in church? How about the time in the 1970s when a circus not only came to town, but also performed in our church! Or perhaps you were there in 2008 when two presidential hopefuls, Barack Obama and John McCain, sat together as they attended the funeral of our parishioner, journalist Tim Russert.  These and more stories will be recounted throughout anniversary years.  What is your Holy Trinity story? - Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J.

Do you have a memory or image you would like to share? Submissions may be used in our bulletin, the monthly Anniversary newsletter, and on our website.  Share your story.

Pilgrimage to Our Past Issues

Pilgrimage to Our Past — September 2019
In this issue:
*Memories of Black Georgetown: A Conversation with Adele Dodson, Holy Trinity School’s First Black Student
*Parishioner Reflections—"We're Moving Home for Holy Trinity"

*Parishioner Reflections—Basketball Miracles and Musical Joy
*An Anniversary Hymn Celebrating 225 Years
*Father Emory Ross, S.J., Pastor at Holy Trinity, 1953-1958

Pilgrimage to Our Past — August 2019
In this issue:
*The Katrina Task Force: Opening Hands and Hearts
*Parishioner Reflections—Katrina: The Power of Community

*Furthering Friendships at Camp Trinity
*Parishioner Reflections—Generations of History at Holy Trinity and Holy Rood

Pilgrimage to Our Past 2019.07
In this issue:
*A Commitment to Service
*Parishioner Reflections—Being Present in Anse d'Hainault

*Parishioner Reflections—Finding Friendships in Haiti
*Brother Francis C. Schroen, S.J. (1857-1924)

Pilgrimage to Our Past — June 2019
In this issue:
*The Inquiry of 1997: The Year The Washington Post Reported on the Cardinal's Yearlong Investigation of Holy Trinity (Resources: Letter from Cardinal Hickey June 9, 1997, Madden Apology - April 6, 1997 Issue of Holy Trinity Bulletin,  Cardinal's Inquiry Ruffles D.C. Parish, Cardinal Vexed by Holy Trinity, Parish-Wide Discernment: Saturday Meetings Continue)
*Parishioner Reflections—Prayerful Discernment in 1997 and Beyond

*Parishioner Reflections—The First Power of One
*The Maier Years

Pilgrimage to Our Past — May 2019
In this issue:
*Choral Music at Holy Trinity
*Holy Trinity's "Pipe Dream"
*Parishioner Reflections—Bringing Flowers of the Rarest: May Processions at Holy Trinity

Pilgrimage to Our Past — April 2019
In this issue:
*Interpreting the Crux Gloriosa: Holy Trinity's Forty-Year-Old Cross
*Art in the Chapel of St. Ignatius
*Icons of Prayer and Adoration at Holy Trinity
*Parishioner Reflections—Memories of Fr. James English, S.J.

Pilgrimage to Our Past — March 2019
In this issue:
*Remembering the Altar Society
*Recipe—Bridie O'Donnell's Irish Soda Bread
*The Women Religious of Holy Trinity, Part I: Sisters of the Visitation
*Parishioner Reflections—Remembering Sister M. Christopher
*Profile—Fr. James L. Connor, S.J.

Pilgrimage to Our Past — February 2019
In this issue:
*Slavery & Holy Trinity
*Parishioner Reflections—An Interview with Alum Ann Groschan, HTHS ‘45
*Parishioner Reflections—An Unexpected Performance from Mary Lou Williams
*Parishioner Reflections—The Flying Nun
*Pictures—Hail to the Chief! Presidents (and a VP) at Holy Trinity

Pilgrimage to Our Past — January 2019
In this issue:
*Cura Personalis for All
*Parishioner Reflections—Trinity Players: From the Stage to the World
*Parishioner Reflections—Remembering the Trinity Players
*Profile—Remembering Fr. Thomas Gavigan, S.J.

Pilgrimage to Our Past — December 2018
In this issue:
*Lot 72, Where It All Began: The History and Architecture of the Chapel of St. Ignatius and Surrounding Holy Trinity Buildings
*Parishioner Reflections—An Auspicious Beginning with the Sisters of Mercy
*Trinity Trivia: Christmas Edition

Pilgrimage to Our Past — November 2018
In this issue:
*The Civil War Years
*The History of Holy Rood Cemetery
*Parishioner Reflections—Step by Step
*John F. Kennedy: Our Nation's Catholic President

Pilgrimage to Our Past — October 2018
In this issue:
*The Founding of Trinity Church: A Milestone in American Catholic History
*Parishioner Reflections—The Student Who Touched My Life by Anne Marie (Santora) Crowley
*Principals Then & Now: A Comparison by Holy Trinity School Fifth Graders
*Parishioner Reflections—Fifty Years as Parishioners for Others

Pilgrimage to Our Past — September 2018
In this issue:
*Foreword by Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J., Pastor
*Parishioner Reflections—My First Day of School at Holy Trinity
*Holy Trinity School Celebrates 200th Anniversary: The Founding of Holy Trinity School
*Trinity Trivia: Go Termites!
*Parishioner Reflections—It was I, Lord!
*In 1818...