RE Classes Online

Fall 2020 RE Classes

All children in  grades K-12 are invited to participate in Holy Trinity's Religious Education program. Beginning September 27, RE classes will meet online on Sunday mornings. Catechists will email parents with respect to class start times. Children in grades K-6 will have 30-minute classes, and children in grades 7-8 will meet for 45 minutes. A determination about classes in 2021 will be announced later.

Parents whose children are enrolled in RE class must pick up their child's/children's materials at Holy Trinity on September 19 or 20 between 10am and 2pm in Trinity Hall. Enter via the doors facing O Street NW and follow the signs. Due to financial considerations, we are unable to mail materials.

Faith Formation Component
We follow the curriculum that has been approved by the Archdiocese of Washington. Our primary textbook is the Finding God series from Loyola Press. Every child will receive a printed text as well as access to its digital counterpart. All children will also receive a Bible to keep. Parents will be asked to supplement with additional instruction provided by our office and the catechists.

As an Ignatian parish, we strive to ensure that Ignatian spirituality is woven throughout the program at age-appropriate levels, and online instructions will continue to include this. For instance, children may learn to pray the Examen, discuss the concept of "Magis" or learn about the life of St. Ignatius Loyola and Ignatian saints as part of their curriculum.

Liturgical Component
We will continue to form our children in an understanding of Mass. Because we cannot gather each week for Mass, we encourage families to use these resources from Holy Trinity to help you Celebrate Sunday @ Home. The Archdiocese has a list of Masses that are available online. Prepare for a virtual liturgy by being dressed, showing up on time and participating by praying and singing.

Here are more ways to engage in liturgy:

  • Review Sunday Connection from Loyola Press each week to find the readings and ways to incorporate them into your family life.
  • You can access videos from Holy Trinity that include Masses, reflections and homilies.

Catechists Needed
Our catechists are parents of RE students, married and single parishioners, college students and high-school helpers. We need help at all levels. Click here to learn about being a catechist or substitute.

Enrollment for 2020-2021

Enrollment for RE classes is done completely online and consists of three parts: registration in My Own Church, completing a supplemental form of additional information and online payment. Enrollment is open now.

Click here to register for Sunday Morning Religious Education.

Enrollment Fees for 2020-2021
We can only place children in classes where we know we have catechists and space available. We need parents to serve as catechists and substitutes in all grades.

Complete enrollment between April 1 - May 31 -- $200/child
Complete all steps by May 31 and we will guarantee your child's placement and section assignment. Fee: $200

Complete enrollment between June 1 - August 31 -- $200/child
Complete all three steps (including payment) between June 1 and August 31, and we will guarantee your child's placement but NOT a section assignment. $300/child

Complete enrollment after August 31 -- $300/child
After August 31, children will be placed as space and catechists are available. Fee: $300/child

First-time families may register at any time and pay $200/child regardless of the registration date.

3-5 Year Old Bible Story Hour
Bible Story Hour will be offered online once a month on Sunday morning. Please check back for a schedule of times.