God’s Abiding Love Retreat

gods-abiding-love-photoA one-week-long individually directed retreat made at home for individuals who want to be introduced to praying in the tradition of St. Ignatius Loyola, that is, engaging the intellect, feelings, and imagination.

Have you wanted to make a retreat, but were unable to leave family and work responsibilities?

Do you want to develop a practice of daily prayer?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you may find the Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life helpful.

How to prepare for this retreat

As you ponder whether to make the retreat, we encourage you to look at your calendar and consider where, Monday through Friday, you will carve out 30 minutes each day to pray and 30 minutes each day to meet with a spiritual director.

We also want to accept the reality of living and working in the Washington metro area. Please factor in time to travel, find a parking space, and walk to where you will meet your spiritual guide.

All our spiritual directors are volunteers and will reserve this week of retreat for you. We ask you to be faithful to your time commitment of praying and meeting with your spiritual director Monday through Friday. For the January retreat, you may meet with your guide at Holy Trinity Parish Center in Georgetown, at Cherry Hill Rd./New Hampshire Ave. in Silver Spring, MD, at St. Aloysius Jesuit Community at Eye St., NW, at Epiphany Church at 13th & G, NW, at St. Nicholas Church in Germantown, Md., or at the Cathedral of St. Matthew on Rhode Island Ave, NW.

Retreatants who have made this retreat have found the opening and closing sessions integral to the experience. The opening session for the January retreat is Sunday, January 21st from 3:00 - 5:00 PM  at Holy Trinity and the  closing session is Saturday, January 27th from 8:30 - 10:30 AM at Holy Trinity.

Registration is now closed
for the January 21-27, 2018 retreat.

DEADLINE to register for the January retreat is
Sunday, January 7, 2017.

What did individuals say about their retreat experience last year?

“I felt truly touched by the grace of God in receiving this gift: I was shown how to pray individually with God and this had never been shown to me. Thank you for allowing me to learn this. My needs and hopes were met in more ways that I can express my gratitude for. I do feel as if I were a primitive dweller and was allowed to see and hold fire in my hands, without fear and without harm, and I can take this light and source of warmth with me.”

“It was a good experience, but I found it difficult to meet the time commitment. This showed me I need to make more time.”

“The structure of the Opening Session clarified for me how the week was to unfold, which helped with my ability to keep myself focused all week.”

“My guide was exceedingly patient and calm and helped to highlight and draw attention to gifts/challenges. The conversation was very open and trusting from the beginning.”